EA releases new Champions League information for FIFA 19
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On Thursday, EA Sports released a short video which confirms some features in FIFA 19. Specifically, UEFA competitions were showcased in a variety of ways. A lot of information was leaked from early gameplay videos; however, we now have confirmed information.


The UEFA competitions which are confirmed in this video are:

  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • Super Cup

These competitions will look great in all aspects of FIFA. This includes Career Mode, The Journey, and Ultimate Team. However, with the UEFA Euros being next season, EA may introduce that competition later in the FIFA 19 cycle. The competitions contain their very own appearance packages, with realistic graphics and stadium accents. The official statement from EA reads: “Experience the spectacle of European nights in FIFA 19 with UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup integration throughout multiple game modes.”


Career Mode

UEFA Competitions will be showcased in all modes, as listed previously. These modes are showcased in the video that EA released on Thursday. Scenes coming from Career Mode were shown. Specifically, players posing with the Champions League trophy. This is said to only happen after players have won the competition in Career Mode. Alternatively, new graphics will show up in the ‘news’ tab of Career Mode, showing the best players from each team in a face-off scenario. Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo is shown juggling a Champions League ball, which could be a transfer showcase scene. This is great for Career, however, it doesn’t add any key features to the mode like players have been asking for.

The Journey

The Journey is shown in the small teaser video. The title for the new iteration of The Journey is “The Journey: Champions.” This is indicating that the new storyline will be heavily based on the Champions League competition. Along with this, Alex Hunter is shown in an interview. He talks about the Champions League and how fans expect a lot from the club, so he must perform. This shows that in certain scenarios, FIFA recognizes the previous accomplishments of each club. This may correlate with the new broadcast package, which I will talk about later.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is briefly mentioned, but we know that there will be Champions League and Europa League-themed items in Ultimate Team. This was released during the showcase of the new Kick-off modes. In the video, a pack is opened, and a Champions League-themed Neymar card come out of the pack. If you haven’t seen the pack opening animation for FIFA 19, then that is it.


With the introduction of the new kick-off style modes in FIFA 19 comes UEFA Competitions. You can now play with all of the new kick off modes in a Champions League, Europa League, or Super Cup setting. This will allow for a more realistic setting when playing FIFA 19 with your friends.

Standalone Mode

The video that EA released confirms a new mode in FIFA 19. The Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup will be available to play in their own modes. This mode allows players to simply play through the new UEFA competitions without having to worry about things such as player fitness or squad rotation. This is similar to the World Cup mode in FIFA 18.

What could this mean for esports?

With EA not confirming a lot of things to do with Ultimate Team (yet), there are a lot of questions surrounding UEFA’s role in Ultimate Team. There are rumors of a potential Champions League tournament in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. The professional players could also be playing in a Champions League-themed setting when playing their competitive matches. However, none of this is confirmed yet. In addition to this, the massive deal that EA struck with UEFA could see the change of events. It would not surprise anyone to see UEFA take part in these events with branding, patrons, and trophy designs throughout the competitive scene. This would be a great way to promote FIFA esports to the football world.

Other new features

In previous trailers for FIFA 19, new cutscenes and crowd interaction were teased. The new trailer shows these in full force. Along with tunnel cameras, EA has shown things such as signs and massive flags showcasing the clubs. This will truly allow for a more immersive experience when playing the UEFA modes in FIFA 19.

Finally, a new commentary package was showcased. Derek Rae and Lee Dixon will be the commentary team for the UEFA modes. This is a fresh addition for FIFA players of the past. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are the current commentators in FIFA and have been for many years. This ensured that the gameplay experience was similar between each FIFA as the commentary never really changed. The official announcement from EA states: “We’re bringing in new commentators who will feature across the game for all the UEFA experiences – another piece of the puzzle that really makes that experience feel new and different and immersive.”

This is great news as it shows that EA really cares about making the game feel better in every way. A new commentary team is a great way to make the game feel fresh, even if most aspects of it are the same.

My thoughts

I think it has been way overdue for UEFA competitions to come to FIFA. The only thing FIFA was missing was the authenticity in these modes. It is great that Career Mode players no longer have to play in the Champions Cup. I personally skipped these games as I could not sit in the somewhat cringe-worthy attempt of a replica from EA. Finally, I am also happy that Ultimate Team could receive some more promotions and modes that could include UEFA competitions. As well as a possible Euros game mode in FIFA 20, I am certainly a fan of this deal between FIFA and UEFA.

What do you think about UEFA Modes in FIFA 19? Do you think they are here to stay? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section. Feel free to check out my latest article about achievements in FIFA 19. Also, I made a guide for how to get started in Ultimate Team, check that out here.