Fiddlesticks rework trailer shows off improved League of Legends champ
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Riot Games has revealed new abilities, skin designs, and more for the newly updated Fiddlesticks in League of Legends. After a terrifying teaser released yesterday, they have finally shown the end-product of the long-awaited visual update. Along with new designs, he also has a few new tricks up his sleeve.

Fiddlesticks — now holding a creaking lantern — is 100 percent more haunting than before. As he drags his right arm behind him, he brings terror back to the rift. The first change that is seen is the summoning of red versions of himself. These look as if they act as wards maybe, or as minions. The duplicate is seen in the next scene, as the enemy tries to attack it, only to realize it wasn’t actually Fiddlesticks. This passive ability is called “A Harmless Scarecrow.”

Terrify, Bountiful Harvest, and Reap

The next ability, Terrify, is similar to his previous ability. He “fears” his enemy and forces them to walk in the opposite direction. During this time, enemies are unable to move freely.

His W ability, Bountiful Harvest, sucks the life out of his enemy. This time, it affects surrounding minions as well, giving him even more health than before.

The biggest change is that his E ability is no longer “Dark Wind,” but “Reap.” Before his rework, his E sent a crow to target the enemy, bouncing on minions and others up to 5 times. This crow had the potential to cause plenty of damage on whomever it bounced on. Most importantly, it silenced the enemy for 1.25 seconds, which was incredibly handy for anyone who played him as a support.

Now, it seems that Fiddlesticks uses his scythe to force his enemies towards him, kind of like Ahri’s Charm ability. Viewers can see that it can also silence the enemy. No crow bouncing, here!


Finally, Fiddlesticks’ beloved ultimate ability, Crowstorm, doesn’t seem all that different. From the spotlight, it shows that he channels it as he normally does, but the difference is that he doesn’t flash into the enemy. He seems to suddenly appear on top of them, causing damage as he normally would.

At the end of the video, there is an array of updated Fiddlesticks skins. So far, there will be eight skins, including existing ones. At the end, there is a cake with the number 10 on top, and out comes Surprise Party Fiddlesticks.

Fiddlesticks rework

Damage percentages and more have not yet been available, but Daily Esports will stay updated once they are released.