Feather, the Redeemed revealed in MTG's War of the Spark spoilers
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A long-awaited Magic: The Gathering character, Feather, has finally gotten her own card in War of the Spark spoiler season. Similar to Massacre Girl, Feather has been seen only in the story of Magic and never in card form. Finally, she’s here!

Feather, the Redeemed, war of the spark, spoilers

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Feather was a member of the Boros guild and was cast down from the sisterhood of angels for an unknown reason during the events Ravnica: City of Guilds. She worked alongside the Boros foot soldiers with her wings bound for a time until she carried out her punishment and was released. She briefly became the leader of the Boros guild before being challenged by Aurelia who claimed that no angel who had been disgraced should ever lead. With Aurelia garnering a lot of support, Feather was usurped and imprisoned. She later escaped this imprisonment with the incidental help from Krenko and is now free fighting for her plane.

Judging from the flavor text of Sunblade Angel, it seems Feather may be once again leading her guild into battle.

Where might she see play?

Feather is a very interesting War of the Spark spoiler because, for the history of Boros colored legendary angels, she is one of the few that doesn’t specifically gear towards combat. Both Aurelia cards, BasandraGisella, and Razia, all heavily deal with combat. Feather, on the other hand, has an ability that cares about spells, which is really unique in the Red/White color combination. Her effect is strong and, while it certainly does aid in combat by recurring pump spells and combat tricks, it also has interesting synergy with non-combat oriented spells.

The obvious place for Feather is Commander. Commander is a format where crazy interactions happen all the time due to its singleton nature. Feather fits right in as a unique build-around legendary. Additionally, she could easily show up in various Cubes since she has a really good body for her cost alongside her interesting ability.

In Standard, she could be used in an aggressive Boros deck or maybe some kind of weird combo deck. Honestly, I could even see Feather’s effect being strong enough in some strange, niche way to see Modern play, though I’m not sure what that would be.


Feather is a great card in aggressive decks looking to utilize combat trick spells, a solid Commander contender, an interesting choice for Cubes, and may have weird and janky combos to mess with in Modern. All in all, a pretty solid card that I wouldn’t be surprised to see in multiple formats.