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One of the most well-known and decorated Fortnite competitors is potentially hanging it up. On stream, FaZe Tfue said that the World Cup will be his last venture into competitive Fortnite. The FaZe member has been streaming and competing in Fortnite ever since its inception. Currently the second-winningest player in competitive play, this comes as a huge surprise.

There is very little argument when it comes to Tfue’s place among Fortnite competitors. He is undoubtedly one of the most skilled players in the scene, which leads to so many top placings. There is no part of his game that is lacking.

However, Tfue has made his frustrations with the game no secret. From the numerous game-breaking glitches to the revert of the siphon changes, it’s hard to blame him. One year ago, Fortnite was in a much better place than it is today. Public matches were enjoyable to play, making the game much more bearable.

This has been the biggest gripe for Tfue, along with stream snipers and hackers in competitive playlists. All of this combined is what likely lead Tfue to this decision.

So, if Tfue really is done after the World Cup, where does that leave him and the rest of competitive Fortnite?

What’s next for Tfue and Fortnite?

Obviously, one of the huge benefits of competing in Fortnite is the massive prize pool. Dealing out $40 million is life-changing money no matter who receives it. However, with Tfue’s streaming career growing rapidly with every passing day, the money is no longer a driving force. You can see his opinion on this and the rest of his response in this clip:

While Tfue has had issues with the game in the past, it seems he’s reached a breaking point. His streaming career taking off the way it is paired with the current state of Fortnite made for the perfect storm.

It is of course totally plausible that Tfue will go back on this decision. This very well could have been a heat-of-the-moment response after a long day of Solo World Cup Qualifiers.

FaZe Tfue quitting competitive Fortnite after the World Cup

Tfue has been extremely up front about his disdain for solo Fortnite competition, but duos competition is a whole other monster. His partner for the World Cup, FaZe Cloak, might be able to convince him to stay competing in duos format, leaving solos behind.

Although, if this is for real and Tfue abandons competitive completely, Fortnite will lose arguably its most popular personality. Tfue brings in thousands of viewers to the official Fortnite streams who tune in just to see him compete. If he does in fact leave the scene, competitive streams will surely drop in ratings.

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