FaZe Clan reveal their Halo Infinite team for HCS
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FaZe Clan has revealed their Halo Infinite roster months after the organization was announced as one of the partnered teams in the Halo Championship Series. This roster includes Halo veterans Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, Michael “Falcated” Garcia and Adam “Bound” Gray from recent qualifying team Inconceivable, along with former Team Mantra player Jesse “bubu dubu” Moeller. This all-American team will represent one of the biggest esport franchises in the world in a resurging Halo esports scene.

The roster’s past

Starting with the Inconceivable core, Snip3down has competed in professional Halo tournaments since 2008, thirteen years before signing for FaZe. His accomplishments include winning 24 tournaments and getting two medals at the XGames. Most notably, his gold medal win with Evil Geniuses at XGames Aspen in 2016 put him on the map outside of just the Halo scene. Since then, he’s competed in both Halo and Apex Legends.

Falcated is a less experienced player than Snip3downm, but has been competing in Halo tournaments since 2016. Some of his best finishes include winning the North America Halo 5 Pro Series Season 3, along with DreamHack Halo Series 2020: Anaheim. Last from the Inconceivable core is Bound, who is the least experienced player on the roster and joined the scene in 2017. His best finish was also at the NA Halo 5 Pro Series Season 3.

As for the fourth member of the roster, bubu dubu is an interesting addition to the roster. After playing for Denial Esports and reaching multiple finals only to lose them, he finally won with Splyce in the HCS Pro League 2017 Summer Global Finals. After continuing on teams such as Team Envy and Team Mantra, he joins FaZe to compete on a new Halo.

FaZe’s future

Out of all the teams competing at HCS Raleigh, this will be fans first time seeing this roster play together. The talent on the roster is evident, but how well the team fits together will be first shown at Raleigh. Their rosters reveal is only days before the tournament starts, so it’s hard to know how much they’ve played together. That roster originally finished third in the HCS 2021 NA Kickoff Major Qualifier, losing to Sentinels. Just off of that alone, FaZe have a good core of players to fight against other NA teams with. But fans will have to wait and see how they perform in Halo Infinite for FaZe Clan.

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