Fans design Overwatch trailer featuring Link as a new hero
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Overwatch like so many other popular esports games these days has many different types of characters and skins. While we have seen some crossovers with other franchises in Fortnite, we haven’t seen a ton in Overwatch. Now some fans have taken it upon themselves to give us a glimpse at what one of the most famous video game icons could look like in that game, Link from The Legend of Zelda. Looking at all the work and dedication that went into this, it’s pretty impressive.

Stéphane Videlo, a Vimeo user, is the one behind this amazing video and creation. From the design to his moves and things only those familiar with The Legend of Zelda would pick up on, he put a lot of heart into it. He wasn’t alone though, as other artists also contributed to it. As of this writing, the video has 298,000 views. Overwatch is on its way to the Nintendo Switch soon after many rumors floated around for months. Perhaps now that Blizzard and Nintendo have this partnership, maybe Nintendo could lend Link to Overwatch?

Fans design Overwatch trailer featuring Link as a new hero
Aaron Walker – Character Model

Here are additional credits on the video:

Jeremy Vitry – Concept Art –
Aaron Walker – Character Model –
Stéphane Vidélo – Rig & Animation –
Philémon Belhomme – Render, Props & Background –
Etienne Pov – VFX –

The Legend of Zelda continues to be popular as ever

With the popularity of Breath of the Wild, the recent release of Link’s Awakening, and a Breath of the Wild sequel due out in the future, Zelda is as hot as ever. We’ve already been able to use him in Smash Bros. for years, but it would be nice to see him in a different game. For those who may not remember, Link was in Soul Calibur II on the Nintendo GameCube. If Nintendo could do that back then, it could do it now in Overwatch. Let us know your thoughts and a huge kudos to all who were involved in this.