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It’s always fun to be able to customize your character in games like Overwatch and Fortnite. Now a fan has created a new skin mod from another popular series, The Witcher. Ciri, who appears as a playable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, got the Overwatch treatment thanks to a very highly respected and regarded  3D artist, Agelos Apostolopoulos.

Ciri’s background

Ciri, aka Princess Cirilla, is the heir to the throne of Cintra. She tragically lost her parents when they were shipwrecked and ends up meeting up with Geralt. She is a powerful fighter too. More info below via The Witcher 3 Wiki:

Also known as the Child of Destiny, Ciri is described generally as a weapon that has the potential to destroy the very world that she inhabits. Along with this there are ties to her being an apprentice to Geralt when she was younger. Her Witcher training, coupled with the magical abilities, mark her as one of the most powerful individuals in the world. She will eventually become a playable character as the player progresses through the game.

How cool would it be to see more crossovers with other series in Overwatch? This skin shows that it is possible to do that, so maybe it will happen one day. With Netflix having announced a full-blown Witcher series, it wouldn’t be insane to include at least one Witcher skin in a future update or as DLC. Feel free to check out more of Apostolopoulos’s work here.

What do Overwatch fans think? Would you want to see this skin become a reality or do you have another crossover in mind? Personally, I have to give the concept artist a huge congratulations on how much work went into this design well done. As a Witcher fan, I would love to see this. Let us know in the comments below, and for all your Overwatch coverage, tune in here on Daily Esports!