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Since releasing in beta, Fallout 76 has its first upcoming patch on Monday, Nov. 19. Fans of the series who participated in the beta have been providing considerable feedback for the game. In true Bethesda fashion, the game released with its fair share of bugs and issues. With many players feeling alienated by the online nature of the otherwise-single player franchise, Fallout 76 is receiving very mixed reviews. Other issues include major bugs that carried over from Fallout 4 and issues with the gameplay. With this being the franchise’s first-ever online experience, many aren’t sure how they feel about it.

The first major Fallout 76 patch will address bugs, server issues.

What’s in store with the Fallout 76 patch

This Nov. 19 patch intends to focus mostly on game stability and performance. It also offers fixes to many quests, the UI, and C.A.M.P.s. Expecting to release full patch notes as early as next week, Bethesda states that this will be a larger-than-normal patch for the online game. The dev team has been closely analyzing the community feedback from 76‘s beta, and there’s a lot of work to be done. A lot of longstanding crash issues and bugs from the Fallout 4 engine are being handled, as well.

Stash limit increase?

While not included in this upcoming patch, Bethesda has stated that “we hear you loud and clear” regarding stash limitation. In the next several weeks, they will increase the stash limit. Citing that the current limit is there for purely technical reasons only, the primary intent behind this was to cap the number of items the game is tracking. The dev team expresses a desire to ensure this is handled properly in order to ensure game stability.

Rejoice! Stash limit’s getting increased!

Push to talk is coming to PC!

A very popular complaint is the lack of push-to-talk in Fallout 76. With streamers complaining that they can hear constant background noise, it has been a sorely missed feature in the online title. Fallout‘s games lean heavily on their immersive nature, and hearing a toddler screaming in the background for minutes on end makes immersion rather challenging. They have stated that they’ve made progress on implementing this feature, and it will be included in an update over the next few weeks.

Ultrawide support for PC

Another hot topic has been lack of 21:9 support for the game. While they have not given a definite time period for this, Bethesda states that ultrawide support is coming soon. They also made sure to mention that it looks awesome.

Push-to-talk, ultrawide support, and a stash limit increase are some of the things Bethesda is cooking up for Fallout 76.

FOV slider also in the works

An FOV slider is also on the list of things Fallout 76 will see in the future. This too does not have a definitive date for release.

What’s in store for 2019?

Bethesda has stated that they teased in their launch letter some of the things to expect in 2019 with Fallout 76. They promise a ton of fixes and changes to the game for the better, in addition to new content. Fallout 76 will also see entirely new game systems in Appalachia for next year. Counted among these plans are new Vaults opening up, new features for C.A.M.P.s, and new methods of creation and team play. They have further announced plans for faction-based PvP for 2019 and much more.

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