Fall Guys mobile incoming, but only in China; Switch version rumored
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Wildly popular PC and PS4 platform-racer-cross-battle royale Fall Guys will be getting a mobile version soon. For the moment though, that’s only confirmed to be in China. Right now, Fall Guys is only available on PC and PS4.

It’s currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers until the end of August and costs $15 on Steam. Not being permanently free-to-play hasn’t stopped the cartoony game-show-inspired title on its meteoric rise though. Over 17 million players have logged on to play in the past two weeks.

A mobile version of the record-breaking game has been rumored since it first burst onto the Twitch scene at the start of August. However, many of the trailers for a mobile version were outed as scams or spam links by developer Mediatonic.

This time though it’s for real. Twitter inside source and analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted that a Chinese company called Bilibili had purchased the rights to distribute a mobile game in China that was eerily similar to Fall Guys. The developers then confirmed the news with various media outlets, stating that “We can confirm Bilibili have secured publishing rights to a mobile version in China.”

There was however, no date or timeline given for the launch, or indeed any other information.

A mobile version of this insanely fun and widely-loved title would make a lot of sense though. The bright colors and fast action seems like it would fit perfectly on mobile devices. There’s no news on a US or global launch for a mobile version of the hit game just yet however.

Fall Guys for Nintendo Switch?

In other Fall Guys news, gaming dataminer OatmealDome has posted an intriguing tidbit from the games’ files on Twitter. The intrepid researcher apparently found a “NintendoSDKplugin.dll” in the the Fall Guys files on Steam. SDK stands for Software Development Kit, suggesting that Mediatonic have set up some sort of architecture for porting the game to a Nintendo console.

For now though, that remains only a rumor with no official comment from the developer. There are other reasons Mediatonic may have kept a Nintendo SDK file in there. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting piece of information. We won’t be surprised if Fall Guys does get a Nintendo Switch release eventually.

Would you like to see a Fall Guys port for Switch or mobile devices? Let us know in the comments below, and keep checking Daily Esports for the latest developments on this and all the latest esports news.