Faker signs new contract with SKT T1 for 2019 - Upcomer
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Rest easy SKT fans, Faker is confirmed to be staying with his home team for the next year.

After a lackluster 2018 year, the fate of Faker on SKT would be at risk. In the 2018 Spring Split, the team would finish fourth in the regular season. However, they would drop in the second round of the playoffs. The following season, SKT would perform even worse, finishing in seventh place and not even making it to the playoffs. This would also mark the first time that Faker would go to the bench in favor for another player.

A Sigh of Relief

Many people were questioning where Faker would end up for the 2019 season. We were not sure if he would leave SKT, due to one bad year from the organization. However, there were multiple options for him to choose from, had he decided to leave. Instead, he shows dedication and loyalty to the organization that has given him a home and multiple championships. It makes sense for Faker, who has not shown any wavering in his quest for a championship. He also seems like a player who will work hard to build from the ground up.

Also, according to Inven Global sources, Faker was promised “great treatment” if he would re-sign with the team. It seems like that “great treatment” swayed the perennial World Champion. It should be good to see Faker in an SKT jersey once again, as any other colors on the greatest player of all-time would look odd otherwise.

Possible Team Members?

With the roster completely clear of players, SKT now has a clean slate to build around Faker. There are multiple players who are available for acquisition, due to the huge Korean roster shuffle. For example, multiple cores of great teams have separated. Kingzone DragonX, KT Rolster, and Gen.G have all separated their longtime rosters. Therefore, there are multiple superstar quality players on the market for SKT. We can also imagine that most of those players will gladly play for SKT. However, we also need to think that many players may not work too well with Faker. Therefore, SKT’s management will have a tough task of building a team that compliments Faker’s play, instead of relying on it.

What are your thoughts on Faker signing with SKT? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League coverage, check us out here!