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Day four of the FACEIT London Major has gone by, and more Major dreams have been broken. However, many other teams still remain, hopeful for a chance to lift the trophy over their head. There weren’t as many games today, but the excitement wasn’t lacking at all. For example, we had three more overtime periods today, with one game reaching an incredible triple overtime. Now, let’s look at the highlights of day four.

Complexity moves on to New Legends stage

On Inferno, compLexity Gaming would try to continue their impressive run of wins in the London Major group stage. However, Vega Squadron would stand in their way. Luckily for the American-based team, Vega is coming off a crushing defeat against Team Liquid, so momentum would be on the side of compLexity. Vega would kick off the match with three quick wins heading into the first gun round. However, after tying the game 4-4, compLexity would take over until they hit the half with a commanding 11-4 lead. In the second half, Vega Squadron would manage to tie the game after stringing several strong rounds together. Pavelhutji‘ Lashkov would have a great game, netting 31 kills for himself. Unfortunately, Vega would not be able to find a foothold in overtime. It would be all Complexity, and they are now advancing to the New Legends stage.

North Finds A Win

The Danish hopefuls would get another win in the London Major after their match against Rogue Gaming. North was actually looking quite weak after losing two games to HellRaisers and Team Spirit. Luckily, they were able to find some form against Virtus. Pro yesterday. Rogue is looking quite weak, having just lost their last three games. However, they would put up one hell of a fight today. Again, Inferno would be the setting as the two teams would trade blows early. As a result, North would barely win the first half, 8-7.

In the second half, Rogue would bounce back with seven round wins. They would only allow North to win one round in that span. However, North would mount an epic comeback and ruin Rogue’s economy. The two sides would reach three overtimes, before North would successfully defend to take the hard-fought win, 25-23.

HellRaisers sneak past OpTic Gaming

Another match, another triple overtime. This time, it was the HellRaisers who would go the distance against the full Danish squad. The first half of Train would be very close, with both teams trading rounds. In fact, the whole match was very back and forth, even into two overtimes. No team could find any ground on the other, until the third overtime. HellRaisers would finally lock down and win the match 25-23. It would be a brilliant performance by IssaISSAA‘ Murad that would push HellRaisers into a guaranteed top 16 finish. He would end the game with 43 kills to his name, the most in the server.

As always, here are the matches for tomorrow’s set of games:

A match to watch for tomorrow would be North vs. Vega Squadron, who are both in contention for a New Legends spot. North had a very lackluster beginning of the tournament, but they are ramping up their play lately. On the other hand, Vega Squadron had a great start to their FACEIT London Major, but now they have lost two games in a row. We will have to see who moves on to the Legends Stage tomorrow!

What do you think of the results of FACEIT London Major’s fourth day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more FACEIT London Major coverage, check us out here!