Facebook Gaming to host charity live stream event for COVID-19 relief
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In an effort to raise funds for COVID-19 relief, Facebook Gaming is hosting a charity live stream campaign. The social media network is encouraging its streamers to come together on Friday, March 20 to help raise money for the cause.

Facebook Gaming’s charity event

For Friday’s event, Facebook Gaming is asking its streamers to set up the charity live stream tool. Upon doing so, funds raised on Friday will go towards the United Nations Foundation. The platform also encourages those who participate to share recommended tips from the World Health Organization (WHO) on prevention against the virus. Unfortunately, some countries are exempt from donating or creating a charity live stream.

“As the world grapples with COVID-19, we have an incredible opportunity to contribute to a cause that will impact people all around the world,” a statement from Facebook reads. “That’s why we’re encouraging you, our network of talented creators and the passionate communities surrounding you to take part.”

According to Facebook, the platform is working with the United Nations Foundation and the WHO on a COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. While separate from Friday’s event, anyone can make a contribution to this fund. Facebook will subsequently match up to $10 million in donations. Additionally, 100 percent of the funds will go towards work to prevent, detect, and respond to the global outbreak.

Facebook also launched an information center earlier this week regarding the coronavirus. The center is intended to provide a central location for COVID-19 news updates, along with health and support resources.

Over the last year, the gaming and streaming platform has snagged exclusivity deals with some major names. This includes former UFC champion Ronda Rousey and former Twitch streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang. There’s no word on whether those two will participate in tomorrow’s event. However, Rousey has been encouraging her Twitter followers to watch her streams to help pass the time during the quarantine.

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