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Fans at the Singapore Grand Prix had their taste of some F1 Esports with the F1 2018 game.

The Singapore Grand Prix is a motorsport event known for its high-value entertainment. This is just as true for the on-track festivities as it is for off-track. And it doesn’t stop at live concerts and food. Fans from all around the world get the chance to try a range of different activities. For some, this means esports! The F1 2018 game was on show for patrons to try. Racing games and pit stop challenges were run by the F1 Esports team.

F1 Esports

When I say team, I mean the management team. F1 Esports encompasses a range of activities. This includes the F1 Esports Pro Series. It also consists of racing competitions and pit stop challenges at some international Grand Prix. For fans of the Singapore Grand Prix, they could test their skills at these activations. All ticket holders had access to the F1 Pit Stop Challenge. This invites players to be the pit stop crew. The goal is to change the car tires in the fastest time possible. Mimicking the talents of the physical world and pairing with a physical tire and tools completely immerses the players.

It’s this blend of the physical and the digital that some players are looking for. It pushes the boundaries of technology and strives to reach new heights. And it doesn’t stop at this challenge.

Sim racing

Simulation racing or sim racing has become a big part of motorsport. Physical world drivers are able to practice in the digital world to improve their skills. In the same way, sim racers drive to gain an experience they may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy. Organisations such as the Australian Supercars or Mercedes are using this opportunity to create racing esports series. Whilst these companies are using Forza Motorsport and GT Sport respectively, it’s no surprise Formula 1 is using its own game title.

F1 2018

The F1 Esports Pro Series has utilised the F1 racing game for its competitions. Now, with the launch of F1 2018, the series is using this new title across the board. That means fans at the Singapore Grand Prix got a taste of the new game. Brand new graphics, improved driving dynamics, and yes… the halo, are all part of the latest game.

It’s not just about the game either. F1 Esports gives players a realistic driving experience with the use of Playseat and Fanatec. Both companies develop equipment for sim racing — seats, wheels, peddles — all these things make sim racing more realistic.

Pedals, steering wheel, and seat make racing games not only easier to play, but far more realistic. These 10 simulators were used at the 2017 finals. (Photo: MishManners)

The setups on offer at the Singapore GP were the exact units used at the 2017 F1 Esports Pro Series finals. Patrons of the GP with slightly more expensive tickets had access to these simulators. Fans had a chance to drive the new game and test the sim rigs. But as in all good esports, there is competition involved.

F1 Esports Competition

Fans playing the F1 2018 game had a special treat in store. Ten drivers raced in 10 sims each run. The 10 drivers were racing against one another on the Singapore Grand Prix circuit. Participants played with the same cars and setup as the F1 Esports Pro Series. This gives participants a feel for the way the pros play. Fastest lap times from each player were recorded. At the end of the day, the player with the fastest lap time got an exclusive Singapore GP paddock tour. The paddock is every F1 fan’s dream: meeting professional F1 drivers, seeing the cars in the pits, watching the mechanics tweak setups, and getting a taste for some delicious 5-star food and drinks.

Motorsport is one of the few esports categories with a physical world equivalent. To give players access to this type of experience is unparalleled. The esports competition heated up on Sunday, with the 10 fastest lap times playing off against one another. Interestingly, the fastest lap times set in the game corresponded to those recorded by the F1 drivers on the track during practice. This is another testament to the realistic nature of these motorsport esports competitions.

F1 Esports activations will be featured at some F1 races before the end of this year. As for the Pro Series, qualifying was completed in London in July. All 40 drivers chosen for the series can be found on the official F1 Esports website here. The series will continue with the finals to take place later in the year. In the meantime, catch up on all the action and watch the documentary below.

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