Ex-Griffin coach CvMax to join DragonX organization
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Ex-Griffin coach Kim “CvMax” Dae-ho had been rumored to be joining the DragonX team for a few weeks now. The DragonX organization was formerly known as Kingzone Dragon-x, but they have recently rebranded. On Nov. 4, FionOnFire confirmed on Twitter that CvMax is indeed joining the DragonX organization.

Why CvMax left Griffin

Just before Griffin was set to make their first appearance on the League of Legends Worlds stage, the organization announced that head coach CvMax had been removed from the team. As the situation developed over the following days, we learned that the removal of cvMax from the team was not consensual, as the initial announcement had claimed.

Days after the initial announcement, CvMax opened up about the entire situation, and since then the manager of Griffin, Cho Gyu-nam, has also been removed from the organization. CvMax was given the opportunity to return to Griffin, but he declined, stating his dismay with the way the situation was handled.

The community’s thoughts on CvMax’s move to DragonX


The community’s first response to this was very interesting. Many members of the community are nervous about this situation, as DragonX’s management has had a history of conflict with the coaches. Earlier this year alone, the previous coach of DragonX, King “Hirai” Dong-hoon, was fired after the team failed to qualify for the world championship.

Besides the chance of conflict with the troublesome management of Kingzone, fans are also concerned with the other rumors surrounding the team. Over the last few weeks, more and more rumors have come out surrounding DragonX’s players potentially leaving the roster soon. Although this could also be part of the reason that CvMax has decided to sign with the DragonX organization.

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