Evil Geniuses start book donation initiative through LCS matches
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On Sunday night, North American esports organization Evil Geniuses hosted a not-so-evil scholarship event. Their League of Legends team came together on an initiative called BookQuest.

EG posted their event on Twitter as a competition against FlyQuest. As their LCS match against FQ was around the corner, they shared some details on the upcoming event. It all came down to victories, where they shared a few rules:

  1. EG Kill = EG donates one book for each kill
  2. Infernal Drake = EG donates ten books for each Infernal Drake kill
  3. EG Win = EG donates 100 books for each win

Along with these rules, they also planned to donate a $1,000 scholarship to one lucky EG fan if they took the first Baron, courtesy of EG CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson.

Pretty quick results for Evil Geniuses

After their intense game against FQ, they claimed victory and reported their BookQuest results. In the end, they donated 136 books and gave out the $1,000 scholarship. It is unknown which fan received the money. The overall game resulted in EG racking up four Drake kills with 16 kills against FQ’s one Drake and six kills.

The general feedback was mostly positive. Aside from witty team banter, followers seemed happy they were giving back to the community. LoL host Gabriella “LeTigress” Devia-Allen jokingly commented on their initiative: “Raising the next generation of 200 IQ players, I see.”

Competition with TreeQuest

This event also ties into FQ’s recent green initiative “TreeQuest”. The rules are very similar to that of BookQuest, but instead of kills, it involves planting trees. It is led by FQ CEO Tricia Sugita, who discussed the initiative in a press release.

“We believe everyone has the ability to effect real change for our planet, and we want to facilitate ways for us to address important environmental issues together.”

Earlier this week, EG and FQ included host Ovilee May in a video where she fights off an evil version of herself. The video hyped up their Sunday match for fans. Overall, creating content like this makes competition between both teams friendly and fun.

EG has mentioned they will put out more details after today’s game. It is unknown if the BookQuest initiative will continue as they stay involved in the LCS.