Evil Geniuses releases teaser for upcoming docu-series "Icons"
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Seattle-based esports organization Evil Geniuses has revealed their upcoming speculated docu-series project. They posted the announcement on their Twitter page via a short video titled “ICONS”.

The production highlighted a few EG LCS players, showing only their faces in a dark environment. Not much is known about the new project, as this is more of a teaser trailer. Even the caption to the video only reads, “More than just League players. ICONS.”

That said, EG’s Senior Producer, Olivia Gastaldo, did post a few more details about the video. She plans to share more details, video stills, and behind the scenes clips on Tuesday. Additionally, she is stated to be the director of EG’s newest series.

Directing the project

Gastaldo has previously worked on other short films with similar themes. On her official website, most of her projects show an array of dark colors and themes that also align with EG’s overall look. The feedback on the teaser is mostly positive, with many fans excited for the new series to begin.

Other esports organizations have also taken the video route. Teams such as TSM, Cloud9, and Golden Guardians have all put together series that give viewers an insight into their teams. Most of these docu-series include behind-the-scenes looks and interviews with players and staff. It’s not yet confirmed the series will follow the lives of EG players, but the video hints that it will play a big part.

EG’s other teams

Evil Geniuses is also home to other esports, such as Dota 2, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, and Fortnite. The teaser only highlights their League of Legends team, so it might not involve outside players. But while this may only be a League of Legends series, they also have content for their other teams. EG has recently produced a 17-minute documentary following the lives of their Dota 2 players, which now holds over 43,000 YouTube views.

Fans can eagerly wait to watch EG’s newest series on their YouTube channel. Until then, follow us on Daily Esports to stay up to date on everything esports related!