Evil Geniuses move on against FlyQuest in LCS Playoffs
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Evil Geniuses won the second lower bracket series of the LCS Spring Playoffs 2022 3-1 against FlyQuest 3-1 win for Evil Geniuses, setting up a big match between them and Cloud9.

Game one had Evil Geniuses leading from the beginning, with Kacper “Inspired” Słoma’s Xin Zhao earning two early kills in two different lanes. At the 12-minute mark, Evil Geniuses further snowballed a Drake into five turret plates. FlyQuest did have a great fight at the Baron pit despite an early EG lead, but they couldn’t rally enough to take game 1.

Game 2 turned into a late-game battle between both teams that lasted nearly an hour. FlyQuest played from ahead for most of the game by securing an early Mountain Soul. However, EG caught out Colin “Kumo” Zhao as FlyQuest sieged their base, which allowed them to snake the Elder Dragon and turn the game into a stalemate. Evil Geniuses even got the second Baron in the aftermath. However, a fight for the second Elder Dragon allowed Kumo to Teleport to the Evil Geniuses’ base and backdoor the Nexus to victory.

The third game was once again back and forth affair between the two teams, with Kumo’s Sion in particular coming out ahead of Jeong “Impact” Eon-young’s Gangplank early in the game. At one point he lead with three kills.

Despite FlyQuest gaining an early lead, Evil Geniuses managed to turn it around, get a Baron and slowly ended the game.

The final game involved many of the same picks, but the Tahm Kench and Jinx lane for Evil Geniuses came turned things bloody. A level-one engagement between both bot lanes left Evil Geniuses in the lead, and Inspired coming down to help the lane even more made sure bot laner Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki could carry with ease. The teams traded back and forth, gold swinging both ways, but Evil Geniuses always had the upper hand. In the end, a Baron led Evil Geniuses to win the series 3-1.

Now, to advance further in the playoffs, Evil Geniuses must do what they have failed to accomplish this spring: beat Cloud9. They lost both of their regular season matches to their playoffs loser’s bracket opponents, who are currently ridding the momentum of a 3-0 sweep of the Golden Guardians.

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