Everything you need to know about Mainstage 2021
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Mainstage 2021 is the next major that will take place for all smashers. The event is already the second largest Southern California Smash tournament in history. The tournament, organized by Beyond the Summit, will take place over the course of three days from Nov. 12 to 14 in the Ontario convention center in Ontario, California.

Upcomer will be covering the event from right here in Southern California with interviews, features and live updates as it happens. This page will be updated will stories as they are published.

What can you compete in for Mainstage 2021?

The tournament will run over the course of a weekend and it will feature three main games: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nickelodeon All Star Brawl. Each of the Smash Brothers games will also feature Doubles brackets that players can register for. In total there will be five brackets being run over the course of three days.

In addition to the prestige of winning a major, players will also have the chance to compete for six spots for The Smash Summit 12 in December and another six for the Ultimate Summit 4 in March. The Summit series of tournaments are run by the same people who organize Mainstage. The Summit series of tournaments act as the most prestigious invitational tournament in Smash.

The schedule for each of the three days can be found below:

Mainstage 2021 schedule
The full Mainstage 2021 schedule. | Provided by Beyond the Summit

In order to register for the tournament, there is a base venue fee that attendees need to pay in order to enter the event. If a player wants to register to play in the tournament, they will need to pay the venue fee in addition to the registration fee for every bracket entered. In the case of Mainstage, every single bracket that a player joins will be an additional $10 fee in addition to the base venue fee for three days. Players can register on the Smash.gg page for Mainstage.

The main Mainstage website also includes several options for travel and lodging to make it easier for players that are flying in from different locations.

How to watch Mainstage

Viewers can either attend the event live by paying the same venue fee, or if viewers want to watch only the final day of the event live, the Mainstage website also offers that option.

If a viewer is watching from home, then the BTSSmash Twitch channel will have the entire event streamed.

Kenneth Utama contributed to this report