Everything we learned from the August 2022 Pokémon Presents
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The August 2022 Pokémon Presents livestream revealed new details about a number of Pokémon games and apps. Most notable were the announcements for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, including a new battle mechanic and some of the Paldea region’s new Pokémon.

However, the presentation also highlighted plenty of information for just about every other Pokémon game that still receives updates. Here’s everything else The Pokémon Company announced in the August 2022 Pokémon Presents.

August 2022 Pokémon Presents: Pokémon World Championships

Later this month, the Pokémon World Championships will return in person for the first time since 2019. There, trainers will compete in Sword and Shield, the trading card game, Pokkén Tournament DX, Pokémon UNITE and Pokémon GO. In addition, the presentation revealed the Pikachu-themed trophy that attendees will compete for over the course of the Championships.

Pokémon GO

This weekend, residents of Sapporo, Japan, will get to participate in an in-person Pokémon GO Fest event. In addition, a global final event will take place Aug. 27. Trainers can participate in this event from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in their local time zone.

During the Pokémon GO Fest 2022: Finale, four Ultra Beasts will be available for capture: Nihilego, Phermosa, Buzzwole and Xurkitree. Trainers who purchase a ticket to participate can also encounter Shaymin by completing special research tasks.  The GO Fest Finale will conclude the game’s ongoing storyline involving Rhi and Professor Willow, who was taken into Ultra Space by an Ultra Wormhole.

Finally, a new item called Daily Adventure Incense has entered the game. Players can use this item once a day. It will attract Pokémon that aren’t native to the user’s area for 15 minutes and can even attract Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon UNITE

Buzzwole will make its way into Pokémon UNITE on Wednesday as part of the game’s ongoing 1st Anniversary Celebration. In addition, the August 2022 Pokémon Presents confirmed that a previously unannounced game mode called Pika Party will debut in Pokémon UNITE alongside Buzzwole.

In Pika Party, every participant plays as Pikachu in a Pikachu-themed arena. Additionally, all of the wild Pokémon on the field become Pikachu; the end-game Zapdos is even replaced with a Gigantamax Pikachu. This quick battle mode will be available from 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday to 7:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 1, giving players nearly a whole month to try it out.

A second wave of content for the 1st Anniversary celebration is coming in September, including three more new Pokémon. Players can also claim free Unite Licenses and Holowear for Pikachu, Lucario, Blastoise, Snorlax and Sylveon.

Pokémon Masters EX

A new location called the Trainer Lodge is coming to Pokémon Masters EX as its three-year anniversary approaches. While little information is currently available about this new content update, fans can expect more details to come later this month. For the time being, it seems that characters like Red, N, Professor Sycamore and Rosa will play a part in the Trainer Lodge.

August 2022 Pokémon Presents: Pokémon Cafe ReMix

Finally, the August 2022 Pokémon Presents announced that Mewtwo is returning to Pokémon Café ReMix. After Mewtwo joins the player’s staff, it can gain access to the Sidekick Bonus ability through one-minute cooking.

In addition, Latios will join the newly-added Latias in Pokémon Café ReMix in the near future. Players can also take advantage of a free express delivery every day through an ongoing campaign that lasts until 1:59 a.m. ET on Aug. 11. This campaign will increase players’ chance of adding Victini and Latias to their staff.

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.