Everything we know about League of Legends' Masked Assassin: Yone
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Leaked information reveals the next League of Legends champion will likely be Yasuo’s older brother, Yone. LoL fans have compiled a list of easter eggs in the past month, all of which point to Yone joining the roster. Riot Games originally teased his release in June, referencing him as “the masked assassin.”

Within the last week, data miners have leaked everything from Yone’s splash art to voice files and more. The lolYoneMain subreddit has become filled with excited fans, and they have more than enough evidence that he’s LoL‘s next reveal. On Tuesday, Twitch streamer Camilla “Streamiebr” Falk posted a screencap of what she claimed to be Spirit Blossom Yone, hyping up his existence and proving that he’s in the works. Through a closer look, you can also see an image of Yasuo in the background fighting with Yone.


Streamiebr also posted another art leak detailing a rough character design of his base form. While there’s no solid proof that this is Yone, she revealed Lillia days before that announcement. This track record certainly makes her claims more believable.


Voice lines reveal the truth

What’s better than speculation? Actually getting the hard truth – and Riot Games gave away Yone’s character through Thresh’s new voice lines. In Thresh’s new Spirit Blossom skin, he received a new voice-over and references to Yone through his interactions.

“Yone, the elder son overshadowed by his younger brother. How could you possibly rest in peace?”

“Worry not, Yone. your little brother is safe with me.”

Additionally, Yone’s name can be found within the voice-over files. The screenshot was posted by SkinSpotlights on Twitter.

Some backstory

The brother in reference is of course Yasuo, as stated in the LoL lore. Both brothers grew up close, but that eventually fell apart during the Noxian Invasion. Yasuo was assigned to protect the elders of his school, and he quickly abandoned his post before finding out how much damage his enemies caused. When he returned to his peers, he found his elders slain – and he was to blame. After he fled the scene, he was tracked down by Yone, who challenged him in a sword fight. As a result, Yasuo regrettably killed him in self-defense, and he now wanders the land with a heavy sense of guilt.

Additionally, Yone makes an appearance as a Follower card in Legends of Runeterra. He is nicknamed “The Windchaser” and has various voice lines in the game.

When will he release?

Yone may possibly release on August 5 with Patch 10.16. The 150th League of Legends champion still has some ways to go until his complete reveal. Considering it just released Lillia, Riot may keep its fans waiting with this one.