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The next Hearthstone Battlegrounds esports event is Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria, Blizzard announced on Tuesday. It features the top 16 players of the game mode, a $50,000 prize pool, and a brand-new “Tavern Buddy” Twitch extension.

How Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria works

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria will run from Sept. 24-25 and start at 7 p.m. EST each day.

On Saturday, 16 competitors will be divided into two lobbies, with each lobby duking it out in three matches. After each match, players will get points based on their performance. While the player who finishes first will receive seven points, the competitor who gets second place will earn six points and so on, with the last place team getting zero points. After these battles, only the top four players from each lobby will head to championship Sunday.

Lobby Legends tournament overview
Lobby Legends tournament overview. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

On Sunday, the top eight players will fight under the check format until the Lobby Legends Castle Nathria winner is determined. Under this format, a player must have a minimum of 20 points and then secure a first-place match finish. These two conditions must be met in order to receive the bulk of the $50,000 prize pool.

According to Blizzard, these are the players who will participate in the tournament:

  • Lobby A: SleepyHS, PenguinSan, SeseiSei, shirousa, EducatedC, Alutemu, Rogojine, Eastleaf
  • Lobby B: BeterBabbit, rupititi, XQN, rimgosu, MATSURI, hof, lighting, emo
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Castle Nathria players
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria players. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Tavern Buddy extension means viewers can participate

The esports action will also introduce the new Tavern Buddy Twitch extension for the English broadcast. This extension will let viewers choose their favorite players and predict how matches will go. There will be different aspects of it, including the Puzzle Box, Fantasy Team, Bandwagon, and Barov’s Blessing.

The Puzzle Box will feature a series of questions at the beginning of every broadcast. For example, answering “Will one player get first place more than once?” correctly will result in some points. With the Fantasy Team, viewers will select three players who they believe will be the best out of each lobby. The points will be based on their game results.

As for Bandwagon, participants choose a player during the first few turns of each Hearthstone Battlegrounds game. Points will be given out based on that player’s finish, and more points can be earned by choosing earlier on. For Barov’s Blessing, the broadcast will look into a single matchup. Viewers will predict who will win that turn.

The Tavern Buddy will debut in Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria
The Tavern Buddy will debut in Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Where to watch Hearthstone Battlegrounds esports

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria will be broadcast on the game’s official Twitch and YouTube channels. There will also be livestreams in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin on YouTube, Mandarin on Twitch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The games can also be viewed via community co-streams, and interested participants can apply to co-stream future Lobby Legends events through Blizzard’s application page.

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