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For Honor has an exciting month ahead of it. After all, ’tis the season to die in battle. On the latest Warrior’s Den, the dev team released a roadmap for December, and it’s pretty packed. For new players just tuning in, Ubisoft releases a roadmap for every month, filled with special events players can participate in. December is no exception to this and a lot of fun’s comin’ your way. Here’s what to expect from For Honor in December.

Carousel Of Death is the 4v4 event you don’t wanna miss.

Back for December: Carousel Of Death!

Carousel Of Death is back once again until December 5. This exciting mode is now 4v4 and players can only win if the entire team, once again, is dead at once. Heroes respawn when killed, with their timer increasing each time they die. Coordination is the key to success in Carousel Of Death. This has been a recurring event due to its popularity among the For Honor community.

Weekly Arcade Quest

Arcade mode, the often-frustrating endless PvE mode of For Honor, has some exciting quests coming up in December. These drop on December 6, 13, and 20. Custom-tailored PvE challenges await, involving defeating opponents with considerable buffs on them. Arcade Mode offers special rewards for completing missions, while also being a great way to practice.

In addition, Rub Salt In The Wound and Down The Hatch, two popular emotes, are discounted until Dec. 6

Challenges abound!

There’s also a Ranked Slayer Challenge from December 7 – 10 which offers an XP boost reward. In this challenge, the faction with the most Ranked takedowns wins. From December 14 – 17, For Honor will offer a Breach Vanquisher Challenge. The goal here is to be the faction with the most wins in Breach mode. This comes with a steel reward.

Will you be gaining Honor on the battlefield this holiday season? How does the new roadmap look? Let us know!