Every customization option in Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite multiplayer’s technical preview began Sept. 24 and allowed those with early access to explore an early build of the game. That includes all the extras that can be expected when the game launches on Dec. 8.

On release, Halo Infinite will have a Battle Pass includes experience boosters and all customizations for a player’s vehicles, Spartan and weapons. Yes, Halo Infinite allows players to customize all aspects of their character from which armor plates they have to the vehicles they drive. This customization section can be found on the main screen when players boot up the game. Next to the “play” tab, there is a “customize” tab where all the features can be located.

Halo Infinite and customizing Spartans

Unlike many multiplayer titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty and Apex, Halo Infinite allows players to completely customize their Spartans. Outside of the typical default skins for characters, Spartans can be customized down to which helmet, armor plates and color are chosen. Additional parts and color combinations for Spartans can be unlocked through leveling up the Battle Pass or playing the game and leveling up. Like most games, the Battle Pass will allow for additional customizable options only available to those who have purchased the pass.

Halo Infinite Spartan customization
Halo Infinite Spartan customization. | Provided by 343 Industries

This includes the addition of prosthetics for Spartans that can further customize the overall shape of different body parts. Spartans can have prostheses on the left and right arm as well as the right and left leg. The type of prostheses for each limb depends on the player’s selection.

Halo Infinite Spartan prosthetics
Halo Infinite Spartan prosthetics. | Provided by 343 Industries

Customizing weapons, vehicles and AI

When players are satisfied with the way their Spartan looks, they can carry over the customization to their vehicles, weapons and AI. Vehicles have been a key feature in all of Halo’s previous titles and continue to be important in Infinite. While not as advanced as some customization options, players will be able to change the color of their vehicles through colors unlocked through the Battle Pass and leveling up. Additionally, players will be able to do the same to their weapons by choosing skins that can be either purchased or earned.

Halo Infinite vehicle customization
Halo Infinite vehicle customization. | Provided by 343 Industries

AI models are an additional take on customization in Halo Infinite, allowing the player to change the type of AI that they hear and see throughout the game. The AI that speaks to a Spartan can have a different tone and personality altogether, thanks to the AI customization. Not only can players change the personality of the Spartan’s AI, but they will also be able to select a custom color for them as well.

Halo Infinite AI model customization
Halo Infinite AI model customization. | Provided by 343 Industries

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