Every confirmed Field Upgrade in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer
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Field Upgrades are one of the most controversial aspects of Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer in its early life cycle. Sledgehammer Games decided to make Dead Silence, a long-running Perk, a Field Upgrade. This is similar to what Infinity Ward did in Modern Warfare and this change has caused the player base to discuss the Field Upgrades in more depth. The entire list was revealed by content creators prior to the open beta.

All Field Upgrades in Vanguard

As of right now, every Field Upgrade seen in the beta build of Vanguard multiplayer is officially confirmed. Content creators got early access to the build and showcased the full list of Field Upgrades.

There don’t appear to be any Field Upgrades that have leaked without being officially announced. The list currently in Vanguard might be the final version that makes its way into the full launch on Nov. 5.

The confirmed list of Field Upgrades:

  • Ammunition Box
  • Body Armor
  • Trophy System
  • Field Mic
  • Dead Silence
  • Goliath
Call of Duty: Vanguard field upgrades
The list of Field Upgrades in Vanguard. | Provided by Activision/XclusiveAce

This is an intriguing array of Field Upgrades. For starters, Dead Silence should be the most popular pick because players want to remain stealthy on the map. However, the footsteps in Vanguard might be quiet enough that players don’t feel the overwhelming need to run Dead Silence as they did in Modern Warfare.

That said, the next most popular Field Upgrade could be any one of the other five. The Goliath is an enjoyable remote-controlled car that can blow up enemies, Body Armor offers extra protection and the Field Mic lets player see enemies on the radar. It should be interesting to see what Field Upgrade players drift toward in Vanguard.

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