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Exoprimal is a unique shooter where you are focused on blasting dinosaurs. But you can’t go fight prehistoric lizards unprepared — you need to bring an exosuit with you. Every class has a different exosuit with unique capabilities and properties. Here’s what we know about exosuits so far.

What are exosuits in Exoprimal?

Exosuits are described as “cutting-edge powered suits” designed for dinosaur combat. There are three different classes of exosuits:

  • Assault
  • Tank
  • Support

You can change exosuits at any time, even during battle. You’ll just need to perform a suit change. This helps you pivot strategies on the fly with your teammates as you face new objectives.


Assault class

Assault exosuits are focused on dealing damage to enemies. You’ll have attacks that are close, medium, and long-range. Equip the weapons that best work for the situation at hand, keeping combat range in mind at all times.

Tank class

Tank exosuits are all about protecting allies. You will absorb damage, hold back massive hordes, and be the ultimate line of defense for your team.

Support class

Support exosuits come with buffing and debuffing abilities that improve your team’s combat effectiveness. You are there to help accomplish objectives faster, making you a key part of any successful strategy.

What are rigs in Exoprimal?

Rigs will provide your exosuit with additional abilities. You can equip one at a time, making your gameplay even more customized. Some examples from Capcom include the Cannon rig, which you can equip to a Zephyr exosuit to add a long-range laser to an otherwise close quarters combat exosuit. Or maybe use the Aid rig on your Roadblock exosuit to create a “formidable front line of defense.” Rigs can be changed at any time.

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