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Making the NA LCS power rankings has been a tough task. The NA LCS continues to be completely up in the air, with almost every team still in playoff contention. No matter where they are in the standings, whether they’re an eighth-place team or second-place team, NA teams can lose to anyone at any time. However, the EU LCS is a bit more straightforward because of how the season has gone.

It is a comforting sight to see three top European teams, three or four decent teams, and three bad teams all be where they belong. A region should look like this if they wish to be competitive at international events. It seems like Europe has a better understanding of the meta than North America, and their top teams have adapted quite well.

Let’s take a look at the EU LCS power rankings report through Week 6.

1. Fnatic (9-3)


The top of the standings is still up for grabs for the best teams in the region. With three weeks left in the EU LCS regular season, it looks like first place finish is a two-team race between Misfits and Fnatic.

However, Week 6 was looking great for the perennial champions with wins over Schalke 04 and H2K. All-Star mid-laner Caps was looking great, especially in the “Match of the Week” against Schalke 04. He seems to be a front runner for MVP this split, and deservedly so. Also, a win last week to break Misfits’s perfect record shows that Fnatic might be the best team in Europe heading into the Playoffs.

Fnatic has games against G2 Esports and Team Vitality next, two teams still vying for playoff spots and a top-three finish in the league. If they are able to take another 2-0 week, it may solidify them as the best in the region.

2. Misfits (10-2)


The Misfits lost their second game of the split against a rising Splyce team, which will push them down the power rankings this week. However, it would take a monumental meltdown to degrade the progress they’ve made this season. They have been looking way too strong for two losses to drop them a significant amount.

It took only a punch from Splyce to knock out the Misfits last weekend. One thing I would note is the amount of Orianna ultimates that Sencux missed that game. He has to play at a much higher level if the team hopes to contend against Fnatic and even G2. On the other hand, Misfits were able to make short work of a weak Unicorns of Love squad, where Hans Sama was looking in form and better than ever on his Draven. At their best, Misfits are still the best team in the region, so hopefully they don’t start to cool down now.

The top of the standings is still closer than ever, but Misfits do have a bit of a challenge next week when they face off against Schalke 04.

3. G2 Esports (8-4)

G2 Esports

Losing against one of the worst teams in the league last week, plus dropping a game against the surging Schalke 04, will keep G2 Esports in third for now. They need to show a little bit more consistency against teams lower in the standings. G2 even lost against ROCCAT a couple weeks ago, so they definitely need to tighten up.

In their game against Schalke 04, multiple members of G2 were getting soloed out by aggressive roams from Nukeduck and company. Team communication and positioning need to improve if they want to contend for the championship this season. They did look a bit better against Splyce though, with some good plays made between Wunder and Jankos in the top lane, so that may be a positive sign for upcoming weeks.

4. Schalke 04 (7-5)

Schalke 04

You could maybe say that Schalke 04’s recent surge up the standings is due to ease of schedule. The last two weeks, S04 went up against Giants, H2K, UOL, and Splyce–all very beatable teams. However, Schalke 04 had their first true test this weekend, going up against two top teams in Fnatic and G2 Esports.

Riot Games would hype up the match-up between S04 mid-laner Nukeduck and Fnatic superstar mid-laner Caps, only for the Danish wonder boy to change the Year of the Duck to the Year of the Clap. This game against Fnatic wasn’t even close, and would only show that Schalke has a lot to work on.

However, their game against G2 was a different story, with S04 making aggressive plays all across the map. Their ability to catch G2’s players off guard and keep them on their heels was a great showing by the German organization.

Next week, Schalke faces off against the current top dog of the EU LCS, Misfits. If they manage to find a win against them, we can say that Schalke is a legitimate contender for the title.

5. Splyce (6-6)


Although they did lose to G2 Esports in pretty convincing fashion, the fact that they were able to give Misfits their second loss in the split shows that Splyce is an up-and-comer. They were able to take advantage of slight lapses in Misfits’s game plan, and it only took one well-coordinated team fight for the victory.

Of course, not every team is perfect, and Splyce obviously needs to take care of some problems before the end of the regular season. They were absolutely rolled on by G2 Esports last weekend, and they were looking outmatched ever since the first gank on Odoamne.

Splyce has a pretty good Week 7 lining up for them; they have matches against H2K and the Unicorns of Love, two games they should be able to hop up the standings and power rankings with.

6. Team Vitality (7-5)


Vitality looks like a very consistent team. Consistent in a way that they can beat teams lower than them in the power rankings, but never beat teams higher than them. Last weekend’s games should have been easy for Team Vitality, as they went up against ROCCAT and GIANTS Gaming, two struggling squads.

Granted, Vitality was looking aggressive all weekend and was pushing the pace for most of their games. However, their aggression did bite them back a few times, especially in their game against ROCCAT. They need to learn how to stay aggressive without over-committing too much on plays that are already lost.

Even their game against GIANTS was looking lost until ROCCAT somehow threw their lead into the dumpster. They show that they can persevere through hard early games, but they also need to find success early too. They cannot keep making comebacks, because one day, the comeback won’t happen and they’ll just lose.

Also, Kikis looked pretty damn good for his return to the EU LCS.

7. ROCCAT (6-6)


ROCCAT could shock a lot of people if they could find some kind of consistency in their shotcalling and teamwork. They also have to establish a bit more trust in each other to make their plays work. They have shown a surprising amount of aggression and decisiveness in some plays, wherein others they look timid and afraid to follow through.

I do think that this team could sneak into the EU LCS playoffs in one of the lower positions. However, this week they face off against two teams on the opposite sides of the standings in Giants and Schalke 04. If they can manage to take a 2-0 week, maybe they could make a fan of us yet in these power rankings.

8. Unicorns of Love (4-8)


The Unicorns of Love aren’t having the best season, and it comes down to their ability to team-fight. It just gets way too messy coming down the stretch, but I guess that is where they thrive. The lack of Samux is hitting them a bit hard, but they will need to live without him while he recovers from his surgery.

The Unicorns should look a bit better with Samux back in the lineup, if he ever returns in time for the regular season. However, it may be too late for the Unicorn and any playoff hopes they might have had.

9. GIANTS Gaming (3-9)


The GIANTS have these incredible moments of brilliance that come from out of nowhere. They suddenly look so crisp and clean during team fights and are incredibly coordinated, something that people don’t expect from a 3-9 team. A great example of this would be their Vitality game, where the early-to-mid game was looking great for GIANTS.

However, whenever rare opportunities are presented to the GIANTS, they are not able to close the game out. They slowly let the game slip out of their grasp. They still need to work on their late-game shotcalling.

10. H2K (0-12)


Ouch. Could this be the fabled 0-16 from one of the worst seasons the EU LCS has ever seen? For the sake of the players, I hope not. However, they just look straight horrible this split, and I don’t see them winning another game in the next three weeks. H2K have really settled into their spot at the bottom of the power rankings this split. This statement from the team says it all:

Good luck, H2K.

What do you think of our EU LCS power rankings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends content, check us out here!