Esports Arena win Day 4 of ALGS Split 2 NA Pro League
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Day 4 of the ALGS Split 2 NA Pro League on Friday came to a close with Esports Arena sitting at the top of the leaderboard with 73 points. While this pales in comparison to the outlandish numbers they put up during the first week of Split 2 (123 points and four consecutive wins), the squad of Ira “dooplex” Shepard, William “Skittlecakes” August and Logan “Knoqd” Layou are now sitting at the top of the NA leaderboard with 50 playoff points after two days of play.

Esports Arena win Day 4 of ALGS Split 2 NA Pro League

Groups C and D faced off after their counterparts in A and B played on Thursday. Though the likes of TSM and NRG played excellent matches, Esports Arena managed to build on their momentum from last week to hold the number one spot in the region, for now.

Friday’s games were a bit more erratic than Thursday’s. Day 4 saw a different team win each match, with the exception of ESA, who won both Game 2 and Game 4. Thanks to these wins, and a healthy amount of kills across the squad (18 for Knoqd, 13 for dooplex and 11 for Skittlecakes), ESA were able to claim the top spot in the battle between Groups C and D.

Several other teams, both big name and up-and-coming, also had solid showings on Day 4. Casuals and Optimal Ambition, two teams that hadn’t had much buzz about them up to this point, both managed to take a match win. Heavy hitters like 100 Thieves and Complexity also took wins, with Cloud9 achieving some solid placements, but no wins.

Whether or not Esports Arena will be able to maintain this performance throughout the season remains to be seen. There are still eight days of competition left in the regular season to determine who will make it to the Split 2 Playoffs. With so many players popping off and unexpected squads rising to the occasion, it’s still anyone’s game. North American ALGS Pro League resumes Saturday at 5 p.m. ET with Group C vs. Group A.