ESL One Cologne Quarterfinals results | FNC v. NAVI | BIG v. G2 - Upcomer
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The ESL One Cologne Quarterfinals are finally over. These quarterfinals gave us matches to remember, filled with heartstopping clutches, beautiful teamwork and individual brilliance. Now, the semifinals are set, but first let us take a look at the matches from today with G2 Esports, BIG Clan, Na’Vi, and Fnatic.

Fnatic vs. Na’Vi

Both teams came into the ESL One Cologne quarterfinals looking a little worse for wear. Natus Vincere just came from a series against ENCE who took a game against them and almost won the second match as well. Even their game against Cloud9 was closer than they would have wished it to be. On the other hand, Fnatic was coming off of a loss to FaZe Clan, which meant FNC came into the quarters with almost no momentum. Also, JW was not playing at a level consistent with what we were used to seeing from the Swedish-born AWPer. Draken had not been performing as well as the organization wanted him to. At this point, both Fnatic and Na’Vi were beatable, and it all came down to who could find their groove going into the first few rounds.

Flamie, s1mple and Electronic. That is all you really need to say when talking about this matchup today. Natus Vincere came out swinging in the first rounds of Overpass on the Terrorist side. Fnatic were looking like a team in shock, fresh off a stomping from FaZe. Na’Vi never took their foot off the pedal afterwards, winning the first half 12-3. Although the Swedish squad gave their all to mount a comeback at 15-4, the game ultimately ended 16-12 with Na’Vi victorious for map one.

The second map was more of the same, with Na’Vi showing off the same prowess on Train. Although they had a shakier start, the Ukraine-based team would manage to close out the first half 11-4. Natus Vincere would again find themselves letting Fnatic gain some ground in the second half of the map, giving up 6 rounds. However, once Na’Vi was able to catch themselves from freefalling, they were able to close out the match easily, 16-10.

Na’Vi looks towards the semifinals against the juggernaut that is Astralis. Astralis has not dropped a series yet, and have not even lost to a team in two months. We will see if s1mple, Flamie and Electronic can stay in form and on pace against the best team in ESL One Cologne.

BIG Clan vs. G2 Esports

The underdog story versus the old guard. BIG Clan and G2 Esports gave the Cologne crowd one of the most exciting matches of the tournament. Now, many people say there are not any home teams at ESL One Cologne but clearly, the hometown team had the whole crowd on their side today. G2 was coming off of a stomp from the world’s best team in Astralis. BIG was coming off of one of the most riveting series’ of Cologne so far against Made in Brazil. It was obvious that BIG had most of the momentum on their side, especially with the German crowd screaming their names. Remember though, the bigger they are…

Their first map, Cache, had G2 Esports show off their best playoff form with their new roster. The score went back and forth over and over, with each team gaining and losing momentum with handfuls of wins, only to lose a few rounds right after. The last three games were a battle for economy, with each team wanting to cripple the money flow of the other. They would push the map into overtime, and even though superstar AWPer kennyS had an incredible 42 kills, BIG would take Cache, 19-17.

The second map was a completely different story. BIG would choose to play on Dust 2, a normally French dominated map. However, this was not the case at all. G2 would find themselves out of the frying pan into the fire. BIG would end up slaughtering G2, almost sweeping the French team, 16-1. BIG’s usage of utility was almost perfect, stamping out any aggression with a perfect smoke grenade or a molotov.

BIG goes into tomorrow’s match with an even taller challenge: facing off against European giant FaZe Clan. We will see if the Cinderella story will continue, or if the magic will run out at midnight. Don’t miss any of the action at ESL One Cologne! If you want more CSGO news, check us out here!