ESL officially announces first CSGO Major in Brazil, ESL One Rio
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Weeks have passed since we last heard about the next location of a CSGO Major. Unofficially, it was deemed to be held for the first time ever in Brazil. ESL has now finally confirmed that ESL One Rio 2020 will be the next CSGO Major.

CSGO finally comes to Brazil

Counter-Strike is a big esport in Brazil. With the likes of football player Neymar and many professionals on the scene such as Marcelo “coldzera” David or Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, it was high time we got a Major in South America.

The ESL One Rio 2020 tournament will take place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil May 21-24 in Jeunesse Arena. For the first time ever, a CSGO Major will take place outside of Europe and North America. It’s time a Major was held in a much more exotic location, and what better place for it to be than Brazil, home of MIBR led by FalleN himself?

ESL Pro Tour

ESL One Rio 2020 Major will be part of ESL Pro Tour. The pro tour aligns almost all competitions of the highest tier, as well as some lower ones. Results from ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League, DreamHack Open, and DreamHack Masters will all lead to teams racking up a lot of points in the ESL Pro Tour championship.

Credit: ESL Gaming official website

IEM Katowice as well as ESL One Cologne will now be counted as tournaments of the highest prestige, named Masters Championship. Victory in any of the Masters tournaments such as ESL One guarantees direct invites or points to either of the Masters Championships. Fnatic, Astralis, and mousesports have received direct invites to next year’s IEM Katowice due to their winning in Malmo, Beijing-Haidan, and Odense respectively.

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