Escape patch notes unveil new Apex Legends Season 11 content
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The patch notes for Escape, Apex Legends’ Season 11, went live on Thursday, detailing what changes are coming to the battle royale with the new season’s update. Escape has a lot of fresh content for players to check out on Nov. 2, including the new Legend Ash, the tropical Storm Point map, changes to both ranked modes and more.

Ash arrives as a playable Legend in Season 11

A screenshot of the new Legend Ash
Provided by Respawn Entertainment

Apex fans are already somewhat familiar with Ash. She’s been overseeing Apex’s Arenas from the shadows, and is tied to the storyline of Respawn’s other connected title Titanfall 2. Ash is a simulacrum made from Dr. Ashleigh Reid, though Dr. Reid is gone now – or so Ash would like to think. The robotic Legend is determined to destroy any of the perceived weaknesses she had as a human, as demonstrated by her vicious rampage through the rest of the cast in Escape’s cinematic launch trailer.

The Legends get a beach episode with the Storm Point map

Apex Legends' new Storm Point map
Provided by Respawn Entertainment

Once an energy colony for the IMC, only ruins remain on this tropical island. The map features more environmental factors players need to be aware of like venomous spiders and wild prowlers that will attack, and the stormy weather the map takes its name from. It’s a very vertical map, and the biggest we’ve seen in Apex so far.

Become the Kill Leader with the C.A.R SMG

Ash holding the C.A.R SMG from the Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes
Provided by Respawn Entertainment

Respawn describes the Combat Advanced Round submachine gun as a “dangerous, flexible weapon.” It’s a fully automatic weapon that accepts both light and heavy ammunition. This gun packs a punch, but is easy to handle, making it a nasty addition to your loadout.

Apex Legends Season 11 map rotations

Both the battle royale and Arenas modes are getting a facelift in terms of their map rotations. For the battle royale mode, maps will only oscillate between Storm Point and World’s Edge. The Arenas mode, meanwhile, will now only feature custom-made maps like Encore. None of the battle royale locations will appear in Arenas in the Escape update.

Ranked updates for Season 11

Map rotations aren’t the only mechanics getting a tune up with the Escape update. The ranked modes for the battle royale and Arenas are also seeing changes. Ranked battle royale matches are changing how Ranked Points are measured. Previously, kill points were awarded in a straightforward manner based on how many kills a player got in a match. With Escape, this is changing so kill points will also account for tier differences between the killing player and the victim. For example, if you kill a player who is ranked at a higher tier than you, within 3 tiers, you will receive a modifier on your kill points. The player that is killed doesn’t lose any points. Placement points haven’t changed, and are still key to climbing the leaderboard.

Ranked mode points from Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes
Provided by Respawn Entertainment

Escape’s Arenas mode is seeing a few changes. With the Season 11 update, Arenas will have two splits, like the battle royale mode already has. Because of this, there is also a soft MMR update that will have players doing new placement matches to see where they fall in the splits. Improvements have also been made to Arenas’ matchmaking in terms of teaming players up with squads that actually fit their skill level. Beyond that, the AP amount gained or lost from MMR differences between teams has been reduced.

Legend and weapon balance changes

Wattson is the only Legend seeing changes for the Escape update. Her Tactical ability Perimeter Defense was buffed, and her Ultimate Interception Pylon was nerfed. Wattson’s interactions with the map when placing objects was improved, and her hitbox was slightly increased.

As far as weapons and gear go, players will have to be on the lookout for this update’s changes to the supply drop rotation. The G7 Scout is replacing the Triple Take, which is returning to floor loot. The supply drop G7 has the Double Tap Trigger equipped. Other guns seeing changes in the Escape update are the Peacekeeper, EVA-8, L-Star and Longbow.

Other changes in the Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes

The Escape update also includes bug fixes, crafting updates, supply drop weapon rate changes, Arenas weapon price updates and quality of life fixes. Full details from the devs are available on the Apex Legends website.