Epic Games to introduce rapper Travis Scott into Fortnite Season 2
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Epic Games has released a ton of new content for Season 2 of Fortnite. This includes a dazzling Battle Pass, new game mechanics, and gameplay elements that we’ve never seen before in Fortnite. Though, as with any new season, there’s even more unreleased content that is located in the PC files of the game. Data-miners have dug around and discovered upcoming cosmetics, evidence of helicopters, and now a possible Travis Scott crossover event. This wouldn’t be the first musical collaboration in Fortnite, as we had the Marshemello concert in early 2019.

Travis Scott to make his debut in Fortnite

Like a lot of other celebrities, rapper Travis Scott is a well-known fan of Fortnite. He was a part of the legendary squad in 2018 featuring streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, rapper Drake, and NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster. However, Scott hasn’t been involved in Fortnite as much as other celebrities and musicians.

Well, that appears to be changing sometime in Season 2. Data-miner @Lucas7yoshi has discovered evidence that a Travis Scott x Fortnite crossover event is in the works.

The code implies that the crossover event will be cosmetic only. This likely means that we’ll see a skin of some sort along with a back bling and maybe a music-themed pickaxe. The skin is probably going to feature the rapper’s likeness and the back bling could be a boombox or some other musical instrument.

However, while the files only imply that a cosmetic set is on the way, could we potentially see more? After all, Marshmello was given the chance to host a concert in Fortnite. So, who’s to say that Travis Scott won’t be offered the same opportunity?

All we know as of right now is that a Travis Scott skin is likely arriving in Fortnite Season 2. Though, there could more on the way for Epic Games.

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