Epic Games teases another Fortnite Trios tournament on July 21
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During the Trios Cash Cup, representatives from Epic Games announced another Fortnite Trios tournament will take place on July 21. The Trios Cash Cup did not go as planned. Instead of canceling the event, though, Epic allowed the tournament to continue with the bugs. Therefore, Epic Games shared with the community that a second competition awaits. The exact details are unknown at this time. The developers plan to host a one-day online Trios tournament. As with previous competitions, the upcoming tournament will be open to all players that reached Champions league. The event is a test for formats different than the World Cup qualifiers.

Trios Tournament July 21

For the first time, Epic Games stated multiple rounds will be played on a single day. The World Cup Online Opens and the Trios Cash Cup both had two rounds spread out over two days: a semi-final round the first day, followed by a final round with a smaller player pool the next. This time, both rounds occur on Sunday, July 21. Traditionally, the final round encompasses a total of 3,000 players. Although no official number has been confirmed, Epic Games plans to keep the finals to about 150 teams.

Professional Fortnite players called for a smaller final round similar to a custom game. This way, the matches are more consistent and less up to chance. All players will be forced to play against one another in this format. Additionally, the smaller player pool allows competitors to take greater control of the outcome. Ultimately, the viewing experience should be improved for fans. Theoretically, one match takes place at a time and puts less stress on the replay system.

Hopefully, Epic Games has resolved all the issues that plagued the last tournament. The Trios Cash Cup provided fans and players the excitement of a new game mode. With one tournament under their belt, players should better understand the techniques and strategies of Fortnite Trios. Players have yet to master the new mode, and the Fortnite tournament on July 21 should hold some new surprises.

What did you think of the Fortnite Trios Cash Cup? Will you be competing in the new tournament? What team wins the tournament? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all the latest competitive Fortnite news!