Epic Games releases statement on Fortnite competitive development
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Today, Epic Games released a statement to explain their view of competitive development on Fortnite. The key aspects mentioned in the statement are siphon, stretched resolution or field of view (FOV), game evolution, and bugs. Competitive players have been asking for better communication from Epic Games. This announcement is Epic’s attempt to quell the frustration of the community. Simply put, competitive players will not receive the changes they wanted. The Fortnite team explains that balancing competitive and casual play is challenging. There are a large number of players and the needs of players will vary. Overall, Epic Games hopes to move forward with better communication and understanding.

Reasoning behind changes

Fortnite is a game targeted towards a large audience. There are hundreds of millions of players that play regularly. It would be impossible to craft a game in which everyone is content. Much like the previous statement, this recent news reaffirms that Epic will cater to the larger player base. The casual player numbers declined during the siphon period. Additionally, siphon promoted aggressive play that benefited the highest-skilled players.

Next, stretched resolution or a FOV slider will not be coming to Fortnite. The team wants all players to compete equally. This includes any options in the game that provide a competitive advantage. Stretched resolution was removed to improve the entertainment value of Fortnite too. A FOV slider can improve gameplay but makes the game look and feel worse. The default FOV of 80 will remain.

What’s next?

Epic Games is constantly looking to improve the game for both casual and competitive players. The changes made are to help the game evolve and stay fresh. The team will continue to create events and tournaments on the weekends for maximum player interaction. Gameplay will change throughout the open online World Cup Qualifiers. By the end of the World Cup, the team hopes to have stabilized the game for peak performance at the World Cup Finals.

Finally, the development team needs the help of the players. They asked to send videos, in-game reports, and information when bugs or glitches occur. It is difficult to reproduce the problems, so in order to expedite the process, send the development team as much information as possible.

In general, Epic is looking to communicate better with the competitive player base. In order to avoid confusion, the team is going to be more active online to keep an open dialogue.

Is this the right move by Epic Games? What would you like to see in the future for competitive development? Let us know in the comments!