Epic Games disables the OG Bear vehicle in Fortnite
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The OG Bear vehicle was disabled in Fortnite this afternoon after a crazy invisibility glitch was discovered. Epic Games swiftly removed the truck from the game, but left all of the other vehicles intact and drivable.

Bugs in Fortnite are nothing new to the player base or the developers. As with any game, glitches pop up from time to time and must be dealt with swiftly. While some developers wait a little too long, Epic Games is usually good about disabling whatever the item(s) the bug affects.

This time around it’s the OG Bear vehicle, which is the four-person truck that drives faster on grass and sand. Until further notice, the vehicle isn’t drivable in Fortnite, and it’s for good reason.

OG Bear vehicle removed from Fortnite 

There are a solid amount of issues with the cars in Epic Games’ battle royale. Some explode when you drive them off elevated surfaces and others turn invisible when you get behind the wheel. For the OG Bear, Epic appears to be looking at the latter issue.

The truck was disabled in Fortnite late in the afternoon on Jan. 29. The reason for this is “due to an issue,” but many fans assume that it’s because of the invisibility glitch that affected the vehicle.

For those that remember, some of the other vehicles in the game were plagued with a similar glitch during the middle of 2020. While those glitches can still happen from time to time, it appears Epic is singling out the OG Bear.

Although, this isn’t confirmed by Epic, so the issue could be something else entirely. As previously mentioned, there’s also a problem with vehicles exploding if you drive off a cliff, mountain, etc. We’ll have to wait and see what the developers patched whenever the OG Bear is re-enabled in Fortnite. There’s currently no timetable for that, though.

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