Epic Games bans stretched resolution in Fortnite competitive modes
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With World Cup 2019 qualifiers starting shortly, Epic Games has released a note on the state of competitive play in Fornite. The most critical change is locking the screen aspect ratio in Fornite‘s competitive game modes. In addition, Epic also gave insight into performance improvements, Arena mode updates, and the $500,000 World Cup Warmup tournament this weekend.

The changes

First and foremost, Epic stated it will lock the aspect ratio in competitive modes at 16:9. Players previously used a stretched resolution to give themselves an advantage. Players will still be able to use stretched resolution in regular game modes. Most competitive Fortnite players use stretched resolution when playing. This change is quite shocking considering the $10,000,000 World Cup tournament is less than 10 days away.

Secondly, Epic announced it is working to improve the matchmaking in Arena mode. Currently, the changes are still in the works. The developer suggested placement in alternate matches or Creative mode during queues. It will take some time to allow these changes, but Epic is working on improving matchmaking.

Additionally, improvements to late-game are in the works. Epic announced an opt-in FPS display option for console players. This will provide Epic added information for performance reports. The developer is continuing to refine and improve the late gameplay on all platforms.

Finally, replays from the Luxe Cup are available online now! The replays must be downloaded and viewed on PC. These replays have allowed the team at Epic to work on their broadcasting and spectating tools. The broadcast tools are constantly a work in progress but will continue to be improved upon.

Fornite World Cup Warmup

This weekend, April 6-7, Epic Games announced the final competition leading up to the World Cup. The competition features a $500,000 prize pool to be distributed to the top finishers. The tournament is for duo competitors. Players must reach Division 6 in Contender’s League to qualify, and all players must have completed two-factor authentication to be eligible for the Warmup tournament, as well as the upcoming World Cup.

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