War of the Spark spoilers: Enter the God-Eternals sets the stage
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Wizards of the Coast has been dishing out flavorful and powerful cards alike during the spoiler season for Magic: The Gathering’s War of the Spark. This latest spoiler may be one that really sets the stage for the final act of the set story. Enter, the God-Eternals.

Enter the God-Eternals Card Spoiler War of the Spark

Enter the God-Eternals has grand implications for the set as it is confirming and expanding on the reveal of the Amonkhet Gods returning — and they are bigger and badder than ever.

[irp posts=”21290″ name=”Bontu, the first God-Eternal enters the battle in War of the Spark”]

Lore Implications

A quick recap of the story: In Amonkhet, the Magic community was introduced to 5 gods of the plane. Then, in Hour of Devastation, Nicol Bolas killed four of them. Only Hazoret could escape the horrid fate. This card brings back the four dead gods as Eternals, members of Nicol Bolas’ undead army.

The Breakdown

Enter the God-Eternals is a blue-black sorcery card that greatly impacts the board state when cast. First, the card deals 4 damage to a target creature. Then, the caster gains life equal to the damage dealt. This part of the card feels reminiscent to Warleader’s Helix, which is odd based on the colors of the card.

After dealing damage and gaining life, the player then chooses any player in the game to take the top four cards of their deck and put them into the graveyard. The mill strategy is a secondary win condition and this card looks to improve upon that strategy.

Finally, the card then has Amass 4, a new mechanic specific to War of the Spark.

How to Utilize this Card

Enter the God-Eternals looks like an excellent card for any player wanting to build a good mill strategy in their deck. Typical mill decks focus on reducing the opponent’s deck to zero cards as fast as possible. To do so, many players restrict themselves to blue and black, so this card fits right in. One of the major issues with mill decks is a lack of creatures and creature removal. Thankfully, Enter the God-Eternals can help you get rid of a pesky flier and gain you some health, as well as putting a creature onto the battlefield with Amass.

When building around this card, try playing Drowned Secrets to mill extra cards as you cast Enter the God-Eternals. Thought Collapse will ensure you get the spell off as well as mill the opponent. Then play cards like Eternal Skylord and Gleaming Overseer to protect and buff your zombie army token.

The Verdict

Enter the God-Eternals is definitely an exciting card to see and it could bring forth some interesting strategies. It’s not the most explosive or impressive card, but with enough work and assistance, it could tip the odds of the game in your favor.