Be the next England star on the virtual pitch at FIFA eNations Cup
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If you’re a budding FIFA player who’s sick and tired of thrashing your friends or Uni mates and think you could challenge just about anyone, then you might be perfect to represent the Three Lions at the eNations Cup. Your talents might not lie on the green fields of Sunday League and you haven’t been scouted by the likes of Manchester City. But your through passes are perfect and your free kicks raise the roof, so you’re just what the FA is searching for with the eNations Cup.

The eNations Cup

The eNations Cup is the biggest competition apart from the eWorld Cup itself that starts towards the end of this year. It will feature players from 20 different countries including the United States, France, Argentina, Australia, and even Sweden.

The FA has opened entry to all English residents who are aged 16 or above. Both major platforms, PS4 and Xbox One, are accepted, and only two players will go on to represent England at the finals.

Professional FIFA players will definitely be making an appearance though, so if you aren’t already professional, be prepared for a challenge. Two of the final four spots in the live final have already been given out to experienced FIFA names, Shan “Shellzz” Springette who plays for Man City, and Jas “Jas1875x” Singh who represents Chelsea, the blues from London.

Both of the players above starred in the ePremier League’s inaugural season and so will be tough competition for whoever gets to face them. Shellzz has played for England before too, starring for the boys in white for friendlies to help prepare the potential player for the eNations Cup.

FIFA 2019 eNations Cup eWorld Cup FA
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The Football Association’s chief commercial and football development officer Mark Bullingham described the sheer magnitude of the opportunity, the first time England will actually showcase and formally endorse investment in esports itself. He said: “This presents an exciting opportunity for Three Lions fans to help form a new chapter in England’s history and add a 29th side to our current stable of national teams.”

“The FA prides itself on being a modern, innovative organisation that strives to engage and inspire all generations of football fans. FIFA 19 is played by hundreds of millions of players daily with many selecting our male and female players, so we have a great chance to engage with these.”

In any case, do tune in to the finals taking place in London April 13 – 14. You can see the group draw in the image above, so if you aren’t a Three Lions fan, you have plenty of other teams to choose from. This opens up a new chapter for FIFA in the world of esports and begins a revolution of exciting times to come. Don’t forget to check out the FIFA eWorld Cup too; you might be the next FIFA superstar.