Emiru joins Cloud9 as its newest content creator - Upcomer
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Emily, also known as Emiru, is the latest streamer to join Cloud9’s growing team of content creators. As a notable figure in the gaming community, she has nearly a quarter-million followers on Twitch and social media. Besides being a popular streamer, she’s also a software engineering student, cosplayer, and bunny mom.

Emiru has been a part of the gaming scene since 2016, starting her career on YouTube then moving on to Twitch. Her videos consist of her League of Legends game highlights and cosplays compilations. She also collaborates with other streamers, such as Jason “Dunky” Gastrow, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, and her boyfriend Marcus “Dyrus” Hill. She also owns nine rabbits and features them often on her videos and Twitter account.

A big addition to the Cloud9 team

“She’s managed to become a pillar in the community,” C9 shared in a statement. “Her incredible work ethic and enthusiasm for the League of Legends community has already made an impact on hundreds of thousands of people.” Besides being a successful streamer, Emiru is also involved with her fans, amassing over 540 thousand Tik Tok followers and selling her art through her shop.

Emiru will also be co-hosting a new Twitch award show named Chat’s Choice Awards. Fans can view the event through her Twitch channel on September 3, 5 PM PT

As Emiru shared the news on Twitter, her fans congratulated her with positive words. Offline TV streamer William “Scarra” Jimmy Li stated that Emiru is a “super unique/interesting creator.” Emiru followed his comment by thanking him for the compliment.

Emiru joins a long list of Cloud9 content creators, including legendary League of Legends pro player Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi. Besides Emiru, League of Legends player Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera is the most recent content creator added to the team.

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