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Two signings for the Paris Eternal in the Overwatch League finish a quick six-man reveal. The Paris Eternal have signed Dutch main tank Daniël “Daan” Vincentius Paulus Scheltema and Swedish off-tank Elliot “ELLIVOTE” Vaneryd. Completing their European-focused signings, the Eternal’s new tanks both have experience in mixed rosters and in America. While one had a roster spot in the Overwatch League, both still need to prove themselves for next season.

Ellivote’s past

Formerly of the Washington Justice, Ellivote turned heads for his tenures with both Angry Titans and Team Envy. Despite never winning with Angry Titans, his move to Team Envy in America led to a season win. Plus, he had a good showing in an Atlantic showdown in a finals loss. That skill led to him to the Washington Justice, but he never got playing time. This was mainly due to the pandemic and visa issues. After a long time of inactivity, he joined contenders again, primarily with Team Doge. But, it’s clear he was among one of the best European off-tanks available and Paris wanted that.

Daan’s past

Formerly known as DaanS, this player gained notoriety from his World Cup play in 2019. While his teammate Thomas “brussen” Brussen got picked up in the Overwatch League afterward, Daan didn’t. But, that didn’t dissuade him. He moved from team to team, getting good finishes on Young and Beautiful and on Revival. His consistency on all four main tank heroes showed the flexibility many teams wanted this off-season. With the connections that he already has with other teammates and the European focus that Paris clearly had, this signing makes sense.

Paris’ roster brought to light

After a lot of speculation on what this new roster would be, we finally see that Paris is once again building a European superteam. Unlike their first season, their focus on Europe is broader than just France. While it made sense in their first season to build a French-focused roster, it’s different this time. During this recent off-season, their roster was gutted. The Dallas Fuel took their core and coaching staff, clearly happy with how Paris did. Now, with these signings, they want to start over but still compete.

This tankline of Daan and Ellivote hasn’t played together but should be underrated under good coaching. The DPS line of Nikolai “Naga” Dereli and Stefan “Onigod” Fiskerstrand has experience and high potential. And finally, the support line of Alberto “neptuNo” González and Emir “Kaan” Okumus is both reliable and still potentially great. While the coaching staff still hasn’t been announced, the team has the potential to perform again. It will be on the coaches to make this mashup of many countries and talents fit together.

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