Echo potentially being teased as new Overwatch hero on Twitter
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Blizzard has been slowly teasing a new Overwatch hero over on the official Twitter account. This new hero, the 32nd for the game, has plenty of people speculating on who it will be. Early signs seem to point to the omnic Echo, a character that was shown in more detail during the Overwatch 2 trailer at BlizzCon.

New hero teases

The first tweet to hint at a new character reveal was on Monday. An image of a datalog shows Overwatch scientist Dr. Mina Liao musing over her desire to return to omnic research. Dr. Liao mentions that the Athena prototype has been a success and she has permission to continue with her next unnamed project. The rest of the log covers how artificial intelligence has grown and asks why humans and omnics can’t get along. (I don’t want to ruin anything for Dr. Liao, but it’s the humans.)

Next, a short video released of a glitch monitor and what sounds like an audio recording of Dr. Liao. “Everyone get back! Stay down, stay down!” The shouting is followed by static, an explosion of some kind, and an ominous pulsating sound. What could it mean? Did Dr. Liao go too far? Did she create the perfect omnic or a new weapon?

Echo, Overwatch‘s other Omnic hero

Little is known about Echo, other than she is an omnic and was a part of the original Overwatch team. McCree has had some history with her, and she has been asleep or powered down for some time. When the two meet up she is surprised that McCree has a robotic arm.

Previously, lead designer on Overwatch Jeff Kaplan stated that Echo and Athena are two separate characters: “Echo is a character we’ve been preparing for long ago. Although there were many people who thought she was Athena since she had Athena’s logo on her forehead. Athena and Echo are two different characters.

“As you can see in the short, McCree, who received the call from Winston, thought Overwatch needed Echo more than him. This is why he saves Echo from the Deadlock Gang. Echo will be added to the game as a hero to play one day but not as a new hero right after Ashe.”

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