EA Sports introduces Apex Legends collection in FIFA Ultimate Team
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EA Sports has introduced new Apex Legends cosmetic items in FIFA Ultimate Team, including new jerseys, a new Tifo and a new stadium VIP area. While both games are connected by developer EA, this crossover is the first time that FIFA will be gaining Apex content.

This FUT X Apex Legends collaboration includes three jersey kits, each based on a character from Apex Legends. The three kits consist of a white and orange Gibraltar-themed kit, a green and black Octane-themed kit and a blue and black Wraith-themed kit.

Other account-specific customizable items available in this bundle are a Gibraltar-themed badge, as well as two badges based on those from Apex Legends, including a Level 500 badge.

For stadium cosmetics, there is a Legends stadium theme, a Legends Tifo showing off a group of the legends team, an Olympus-themed XL Tifo and a Phase Runner VIP area.

How to get Apex Legends items in FIFA 22

Like most cosmetic bundles in FIFA 22, you can buy the customizable items in a bundle or individually via the Ultimate Team store. If you scroll past the packs, you can purchase all the Apex kits for 60,000 coins or 500 FIFA points. You can also buy a Gibraltar, Wraith or Octane-themed bundle for 90,000 coins or 750 FIFA points. Those bundles include a badge, their kit, the Tifos and the stadium theme.

As for individual item prices, the tab “Legends Items” shows every single item mentioned. Most customizable items costs 30,000 coins or 250 FIFA points. The Level 500 badge is one such item, as well as the kits and the VIP area. The badge is 35,000 coins or 300 FIFA points, and the kits are all 42,000 coins or 350 FIFA points. Lastly, the VIP area is 60,000 coins or 500 FIFA points.

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