DWG KIA vs. MAD Lions ahead of their Worlds 2021 quarterfinals matchup
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After a thrilling 2021 League of Legends Worlds group stage, DWG KIA face MAD Lions in the third quarterfinals of the event. In a best-of-five series between South Korea’s finest and Europe’s last hope, there is a lot on the line for both sides. Moreover, both teams are no strangers to one another after a close series in the Mid-Season Invitational semifinals. While DK are favorites to win this matchup, fans cannot count out MAD and their team fighting spirit.

DWG KIA and MAD Lions at Worlds 2021

Heading into Worlds, DK were tipped by many as favorites and so far they have lived up to expectations. Their 6-0 group stage record also means that they are yet to lose any game at Worlds 2021. Throughout the group stage, DK looked much better than their opponents in games. Their early game macro and quick decision making have also been crucial to the team’s success.

Compared to DK, MAD Lions have not had the best tournament so far. They were almost eliminated from Group D but fought their way out with a tiebreaker win against LNG Esports. While MAD have found success in team fights, their early game and overall synergy leave a lot to be desired.

Things to watch out for in DK vs. MAD quarterfinals

With Heo “ShowMaker” Su already playing the Twisted Fate three times at Worlds 2021, fans should expect MAD to almost permanently ban the champion. Moreover, MAD’s bot lane is another thing to keep an eye on. DK are known for their less proactive bot lane, giving MAD an opportunity to build early leads there. However, this will depend on Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság and Norman Kaiser. Also, after some surprise Annie and Varus picks from other games, fans may see both DK, or MAD, bringing out non-meta champions in their series.

The most important matchup

Normally, in any game against DK, the player to look at is always ShowMaker. The mid laner currently holds the highest KDA (kill/death/assists) for his position with only five deaths recorded. However, there is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Kim “Khan” Dong-ha. Even though the mid-jungle duo will be the most important point of contention for both teams, the battle between Khan and Irfan “Armut” Tükek is one to watch. Both top laners will have a big role to play, especially in team fights. Also if MAD can suppress both DK’s top and bot lane, then they have more win conditions in the game.

So far, Khan has played Jax and Graves more than any other champion in the tournament. However, his biggest win came on the Lucian with a 10/3/6 KDA ratio in his sole game on the champion. Meanwhile, Armut has mostly played Gnar and Gwen. DK will want to take picks like Wukong and Gnar away from Armut, making the lane match up less comfortable for him. Nonetheless, whichever top laner is able to come out ahead will have a big impact in the games to come.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.