DRX upset T1 to win League of Legends Worlds 2022 title - Upcomer
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After a historic tournament run, DRX defeated T1 to win the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. DRX completed the miracle run to deny Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and T1 their fourth title at Worlds 2022.

DRX’s Worlds 2022 win marks their first-ever Worlds title and makes them the first team from Play-Ins to achieve this feat. It also cements ADC player Kim ‘Deft” Hyeok-gyu as the best in his role after a 10-year career. They also take the brand new Summoner’s Cup to Korea after EDward Gaming won last year for the LPL.

DRX make history from Play-Ins to Worlds final winners

Heading into the tournament, DRX were not seen as favorites at all. Teams like Gen.G, EDG, T1, JDG, TES and RNG were all ahead of them. Moreover many felt that Liiv SANDBOX should have won the LCK fourth seed for Worlds.

However, DRX quickly proved doubters wrong as they displayed incredible performances over and over. After topping their Play-in groups, DRX advanced to the group stage. They finished first in their group as they were able to see off TES and Rogue.

DRX Worlds team
DRX Worlds roster embracing each other after win.| Image provided by Riot Games

DRX faced their strongest test in the quarterfinals against the defending champions EDG. EDG went 2-0 up in the series and looked set to close it out but DRX managed to pull off the second reverse sweep in Worlds history to keep Deft’s last dance alive.

The semifinals against Gen.G was also another strong test as Gen.G were the heavy favorites and LCK champion. Just like the game against EDG, DRX dropped the first series of the game. However, they fought their way back and ended the series with a 3-1 win. The finals against T1 started in T1’s favor but DRX quickly tied it and forced a game five in the end.

While all DRX members displayed some of their best performances at Worlds 2022, it was Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon who took the finals MVP award. The top laner helped DRX win both Games 4 and 5 and managed to gap Zeus while doing so.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.