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Groups for the upcoming DreamHack Masters in Stockholm, Sweden, have been announced by the organizers of the event. Groups A, B, C, and D will feature top-tier teams with the likes of Na’Vi, MIBR, and Astralis making the list among others.

Group A

Will device and Astralis go on another unbeatable run?

Group A will feature this year’s unstoppable force, Astralis. North, TyLoo, and Greyhound will attempt to challenge the Danish force, however, by looking at the unbeaten run which Astralis presented at ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018, it’s a lot to ask for. Can Astralis present yet another unbeaten run in Stockholm?

Group B

Group B is all about S1mple’s Na’Vi. That said, one of this year’s biggest surprises, NRG, the legendary NiP, and underdogs Ghost are standing in the way of S1mple’s greatness. This is probably one of the more interesting groups to watch as a clash between Na’Vi, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and NRG may be an intense matchup. With Na’Vi finally coming together beautifully this year, NRG’s ambition for greatness, and NiP having their moments, group B should be on the radar of each CS: GO fan.

Group C

FaZe will come into this group for the second time in their full original squad since the return of Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer. The European superteam will have to get past the in-form fnatic and two Danish teams, OpTic and Heroic. FaZe and fnatic will definitely be an exciting matchup.

Can olofmeister stepup when his team needs him most?

With olofmeister back to prove his worth and fnatic following their fantastic run at ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018, it is hard to imagine these two European teams not advancing further to the playoffs.

Group D

Group D is yet another interesting group to observe. Composed of Gambit, HellRaisers, MIBR, and mousesports, surprises may emerge. Gambit is yet to find their stride after their Major win last year. Meanwhile, HellRaisers are back with the talented Özgür “woxic” Eker and should shake things up. Additionally, mousesports haven’t proven it was the right decision to bring Janusz “snax” Pogorzelski on-board from Virtus.pro. Lastly, expectations are high as ever now for MIBR. The two talents, Jake “Stewie2K” Yip and Tarik “tarik” Celik, have had more than enough time to get comfortable in the Brazilian team. Fans are expecting MIBR to fire on all cylinders at this event.

All in all, below is the overall list of groups and teams (courtesy of hltv):

Group D

DreamHack Masters Stockholm will run from August 29, kicking off with the group stage. Quarterfinals will start on September 1 and the final will take place on September 2. All the matches in September will take place in front of a live audience at the Ericsson Globe.

Will Astralis be triumphant yet again? Can MIBR finally step up with the superteam quality that they possess? How will olofmeister perform with the dream-team quality of FaZe? All those questions will be answered at the upcoming DreamHack. Moreover, the event at Stockholm will prove how ready the teams are for the Faceit Major which kicks off just few days after the culmination of DreamHack Masters Stockholm.

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