Dreamhack Dallas 2020 still happening despite COVID-19 concerns
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Popular gaming festival Dreamhack plans to continue on with their Dallas 2020 schedule despite the global COVID-19 situation. This is the exact opposite decision reached by many other gaming events, from esports tournaments to E3 itself.

Still, the world’s largest digital lifestyle festival may have to undergo some serious decision-making in the next few weeks. The uncertainty revolving around the COVID-19 situation has caused the cancellation of many esports events and competitions. But while the outbreak has reached over 938 cases in the United States, Dreamhack insists the festival will still go on as planned.

On their official website, Dreamhack discusses the severity of the situation and how they are handling it. “We are in dialogue with the city to monitor the situation,” they note before explaining why they have chosen to keep the festival going. “At this stage, there is no negative government or authority advice and therefore no reason to believe the event will not be hosted as planned.”

Dreamhack is also not offering any cancellation or refund specials for anyone who has bought a ticket. This rule will be changed if the festival gets rescheduled or canceled.

Towards the end of the statement, Dreamhack assures its customers they will respond to the worsening situation accordingly. Additionally, they also mention they will continue monitoring the virus under the guidance of WHO, the CDC, and the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS).

One of very few

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus has affected numerous countries throughout the world. Each day, WHO releases new numbers of cases and infected persons to the public. As a precaution, many esports gaming events have canceled or postponed their competitions. Some organizations that have dealt with schedule changes include Riot Games, ESL, OWL, and recently even the NBA.

Dreamhack is not canceling their Dallas event yet. But even it may see some schedule changes in the near future as the virus continues to grow in the US. We will continue to update readers about the COVID-19 situation as it relates to esports here at Daily Esports.