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In a now-deleted video, TSM‘s ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng gave Twitter an inside look of his Shanghai hotel room. Numerous regions left for China a few days ago, and it seems like TSM arrived with enough time to settle in. Besides an uncomfortable-looking setup, he shows his fans what it’s like to get ready for Worlds.

“We got in last night and we started our quarantine last night, so this is my first day. Thought It’d be interesting to show you what’s going on here.” Doublelift began his hotel tour briefly explaining that the team is supposed to follow strict no-contact rules put in place due to COVID-19. Moving on, he points the camera to a small hallway that leads to his hotel’s bathroom. Along the side of the table is a stack of white towels and bathroom necessities.

He continues, “We’re not allowed to interact with people for fourteen days, that’s basically what quarantine means.” Although TSM is a North American top team, that doesn’t mean they get the biggest hotel suite. Doublelift describes his room as “medium-sized” while showing his full-sized bed.

Unhealthy snacks and workout items

Across from his bed are some floating wood drawer shelves with a mounted TV above them. The top of the shelves displays an array of snacks and small tools like a lint roller. As he moves the camera around, he explains how he received most of his items. “Riot actually hooked us up with a lot of things, so they gave us a PC setup,” Doublelift then reveals how his working environment for the next two weeks. “We’re gonna practice of course, over the quarantine,” he says.

doublelift video on hotel room in china

Unexpectedly, he gave his viewers a look at his small exercise equipment, which includes a stationary bike and some 19 lb weights. He also states that he plans on working out as much as possible.

doublelift video on hotel room in china

One thing to mention is that Riot provided them with a large array of unhealthy snacks. “They also lined up a huge row of snacks, but to be honest, these are some extremely unhealthy snacks. I really wish they would have given some more thought into not only what tastes good, but what could be good for pro players’ bodies.”

doublelift video of hotel room in china

Fans have speculated reasons as to why Doublelift deleted his video. Some point out that he might have had a pirated version of Windows. Either way, many fans were excited to see how his day-to-day life is going to look like while he’s far from home.

Riot will begin the first stage Worlds on September 25 until October 31. Fans can watch the games live on the official lolesports website.