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Doom was released in 2016 to critical acclaim, silencing the franchise’s critics once and for all. Its single player campaign was praised as one of the best first-person-shooter experiences in decades. That said, it’s also a game in a franchise that boasted, once upon a time, a very competitive multiplayer scene. This is unfortunate because if there’s any area of Doom that warrants criticism, it’s the multiplayer features. It released with missing features, rampant cheating, and many limitations. Many players felt that Doom‘s multiplayer was designed as an afterthought. The boys over at id Software appear to have taken note of this and are promising a far better multiplayer experience in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal will have a far more “traditional” multiplayer experience — with some exciting new surprises as well.

Doom Eternal’s invasions

A major game changer with the upcoming Doom Eternal is its invasion mechanic. Similar to mechanics present in the Dark Souls franchise, this allows players to assume the form of a demon and invade other players’ single player campaigns. Players can even team up to form Slayer-killing groups, which brings an interesting new dynamic to online first-person-shooter play. There’s a lot of potential in competitive gaming with invasions. For example, matches that pit a Slayer trying to complete a campaign against a horde of would-be saboteurs would make for great entertainment.

You only die once in Doom Eternal?

One thing the gameplay in Doom Eternal indicates about the invasion system is the possible presence of lives. This could introduce an additional challenge to multiplayer play, with players potentially having limited chances to complete a mission. With the proper balance, this could see the single player campaign becoming a deathmatch in and of itself. The devs also promise that this mode will delve further into Doom lore, offering additional incentive to rip and tear with your buddies against — or as — the Slayer himself.

Players may only have so many chances to win as — or defeat — the Slayer in invasion mode.

What else is new with Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal also promises a lot of new elements and features that lend further excitement to its multiplayer potential. The first major upgrade that can be seen is one of movement. The Slayer can now quick-dash — similar in nature to mechanics in other first-person-shooter games — to avoid attacks or projectiles. The player can also now swing on nearby objects and climb certain terrain to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. There is also a grappling hook in the Slayer’s arsenal, now. This allows players to attach themselves to surfaces and demons to rapidly close the distance. These changes could make for some very quick-paced multiplayer gameplay.

A multitude of new features and abilities could see the Slayer’s enemies, or other players, quivering with fear.

What platforms and when it’s dropping

There’s sadly still no concrete release date for Doom Eternal. What’s known for certain is that it’s set to release at some point for 2019. In addition to its standard release to PC, the sequel will also release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts on Doom Eternal? Do you think we’ll see it break into esports and reclaim its shoot-’em-up multiplayer throne? You know the drill.