Does Vladimir Makarov die in Modern Warfare 3?
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Vladimir Makarov is one of the most infamous villains in Call of Duty history, and he has made a triumphant return in Modern Warfare 3. While we originally presumed Makarov was dead, the Russian terrorist was actually plotting his escape from a prison cell, as we see in the opening mission of this year’s Campaign.

After Makarov escapes, thanks to the help of the Konni Group, he immediately begins terrorizing the world once again. This starts an epic battle between Makarov and TF-141, who start hunting the terrorist as soon as they get word he has escaped from prison.

As you might expect, the hunt comes down to the wire, culminating in an ending sequence that is sad, confusing, and frustrating all at the same time.

However, whether you are just starting the MW3 Campaign or have just finished it, you might want to know one thing: does Makarov die? I answer that question in the guide below. Naturally, there are HUGE SPOILERS for the MW3 Campaign, so be warned.

Does Makarov die at the end of the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign?

Image via Activision

If you’re reading this far, then you already know what happens at the end of the Campaign or you simply want to know Makarov’s fate while not caring about any other spoilers.

In the final mission of MW3, Makarov ends up killing John “Soap” MacTavish in an underground subway system. This mission sees you playing as Captain Price, who is shaken up after seeing Soap fall to the ground with a bullet in his head. However, after that shock wears off, you get up and start shooting at Makarov, who is trying to escape with his security forces.

You can shoot at Makarov and his guards until a subway train comes hurdling through, which seems to kill at least one of Makarov’s guards. However, we never clearly see if Makarov was hit by the train or not. All we see is a door close on the other side of the train tracks, which seems to suggest that Makarov got out of the situation alive.

So while nothing is confirmed either way, it does appear that Makarov has lived to fight another day and does not die in the MW3 Campaign. If this is true, then we will likely see Makarov and the Konni Group at the center of future events in MW3. They will likely impact the seasonal events in Warzone and MW3 in one way or the other.

Perhaps Makarov returns to Urzikstan to finish what he started trying to frame Farah and her country for his terrorist acts. Or, another story entirely could unfold that may or may not involve Makarov. We will have to wait and see what direction Activision takes the story this year, but it’s likely we haven’t seen the last of Vladimir Makarov.

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