Does Spider-Man 2 have a New Game Plus mode?
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One of the most popular modern-day features in a single-player video game is a New Game Plus mode, which Spider-Man 2 fans desperately want to be included in the freshly released title.

For those unaware, a New Game Plus mode is essentially a way to play through a game’s story again. The main differences in the new save is enemies are stronger, but you get to keep all of your gear, progression, and skills that you unlocked in your first playthrough. A New Game Plus mode offers replayability to players who want to experience a game’s story again but with some slight changes.

Does Spider-Man 2 have New Game Plus mode?

New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2

Image via Sony

Unfortunately, New Game Plus is not a feature that Spider-Man 2 has at launch. This has been confirmed by the developers at Insomniac Games and also by players who have already completed the main story.

When you finish one playthrough, your only options are to continue playing that save or start an entirely new one where you don’t get to maintain any progression from the previous playthrough. However, Spider-Man 2 won’t stay like this long.

Insomniac Games has stated that New Game Plus is actively being worked on and should arrive via an update before 2023 is over. This likely means New Game Plus is arriving in November or December, but I would place my money on the latter.

After New Game Plus is implemented into Spider-Man 2, you can choose to opt into it by finishing one playthrough, going back to the main menu, and then selecting the option for it. New Game Plus is only available to players who have completed the main story in one of their save files.

We are still awaiting more details on exactly what New Game Plus will offer, so stay tuned for that information closer to when the mode is going to arrive.

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