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Nightingale is a multiplayer survival game, with players able to jump into the game together and explore realms side by side. That poses the question of whether players can attack each other and wage war through PvP combat.

The idea of players on the same server fighting each other is definitely nothing new. If you’ve played multiplayer Minecraft over the years, you’ll know that there’s a large community dedicated to the idea of slashing each other with swords.

Of course, Nightingale and Minecraft aren’t exactly the same, but many would still like the option to whack their mates should they get a bit annoying. Here’s what we know about PvP in Nightingale.

Is there PvP in Nightingale?

No, Nightingale does not have PvP combat. Inflexion Games are focused on the PvE (Players vs Everything) aspect of the game and want players to work together to explore realms and battle monsters rather than spend time griefing each other.

So, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to stab or curse your teammates. Best to focus on the enemies, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

A Nightingale player standing with a hammer in front of a large beast with antlers.
Save your hammer swings for the enemy. Image via Inflexion Games

That doesn’t mean that there’s no chance that Nightingale will have PvP in the future, but Inflexion has been pretty quiet on the topic in general. While chief executive Aaryn Flynn did mention it could be considered in the future, there’s no mention of PvP on the game’s site, or in its FAQ section.

With early access set to last anywhere from six months to a year, Inflexion is focused on improving the game’s performance and addressing any bugs or issues that appear once gamers get their hands on it. This is understandable, as having PvP wouldn’t matter if the game was so glitchy that it was unplayable, but will still disappoint some players.

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